Tories Need to Take Advantage of Thatcher Legacy.

I too sincerely hope that Michael Thatcher enters British politics one day.

Michael was absolutely superb during the funeral of his late grandmother and his qualifications and experience gained in the USA outside of the media spotlight are just the job.

A recent opinion poll showed that if a young Lady Thatcher was Leader of the Conservative Party today then the party would be clear of Labour in the opinion polls even at mid-term.

So instead of fearing losing votes from working class strivers because of Lady Thatcher's legacy I suggest David Cameron takes advantage of it by adopting a tougher line on immigration, banning union strikes in the public sector completely, and, above all, by having an in or out EU Referendum before 2015.

Lady Thatcher was in my opinion the best Prime Minister of the 20th Century thanks to a no nonsense approach to the issues that matter.

Mr Cameron should take the tip.