Thatcher's Funeral is a State Occasion in all but Name.

I have to say that sitting back with a bottle of Rose whilst watching the tributes paid to The Great Baroness Thatcher in The House of Commons made my year.

David Cameron's thoughts were truly awesome, Ed Miliband was most respected but the least said of Nick Clegg and Glenda Jackson the better.

I had the privilege of going to secondary school in Skegness between 1981 and 1987 at the height of the Thatcher Revolution and you had none of the political correctness we have to put up with nowdays.

It was proper educations based around the three R's and in respect of Lady Thatcher that is what it should return to.

Lady Thatcher was a tower of strength who not just saved our country but transformed it from the left wing mess of debt and high inflation left behind by Labour into a world force economy.

Lady Thatcher deserves every bit of her fitting military funeral which sounds to me as though it is a state occasion in all but name.

May my all time favourite politician and Prime Minister Rest in Peace because in the words of Conor Burns' taxi driver - "We haven't had a good un since"