Thatcher Legacy Could Boost Tory Fortunes.

Remember how the wedding of William and Kate helped boost Tory fortunes in 2011?

Well, tbg reckons that the Thatcher Legacy could do the same in 2013.

Most papers have been full of praise for the former PM over the last week and with the economy on the turn and public support for changes to the Welfare State at an all time high tbg wouldn't be surprised if Red Ed Miliband had a sad red face come the results of the County Council Elections three weeks today.

The fact that war has once again broken out in the Labour Party between the Blairites and the Brownites will do the Tories no harm either.

Yesterday Tony Blair re-ignited the war by saying that Labour need to get out of their comfort zone and by criticising Ed Miliband for saying that the financial crisis had shifted the political centre ground to the left.

Former Home Secretary David Blunkett chipped in too by backing Blair up saying he was "right to remind us that the pendulum did not swing leftwards" when he was Prime Minister.

Even former Brown Minister Pat McFadden said "advice from a three time election winner should be taken seriously."

Did Red Ed take note? His response of "I'm leading my own way" suggests not.

Tory Candidate for Lincoln North Ali Williams had all but given up hope recently saying people will just vote on national issues.

Well Ali, that could just work in your favour ol' boy.