Senior Labour MP's Slam Thatcher Funeral Minutes Before Ceremony.

Senior Labour MP's and George Galloway, in a last ditch attempt at gaining headlines, have today said Margaret Thatcher send off is too lavish and has too much pomp, just minutes before the ceremony took place.

Labour MP Diane Abbott told the BBC - "I think it’s important that somebody speaks up about the cost. Ten million when you’re cutting disabled people’s benefits, I don’t think the public understands that."

Another Labour MP, John Mann, claimed that there were no more people on the streets of London than on a normal working day.

Former Labour Cabinet minister Lord Mandelson last night put the boot in and said he does not regard - "Thatcher as Churchill".

However, tbg revealed this past weekend that it was the last Labour government that signed off Thatcher funeral preparation plans in 2008. [READ]