Osborne on Offensive Over Benefit Reforms & Re-Balancing the Economy.

Tory Chancellor George Osborne has fiercely defended changes to the benefits system as necessary to create an economy which encourages & rewards work and doesn't trap people in State reliant poverty, tbg can reveal.

The Chancellor told workers at Morrisons that the "Benefits system is broken". And the "Depressingly predictable outrage" from interest and pressure groups were ignoring the outrage by working people on low wages, having to pay out in tax for a benefits system in-which claimants receive more per year than working people earn.

Chancellor Osborne put himself on the side of working people and again repeated that as a result of his budgets as of this month you can earn £9400+ before being taxed. This tax threshold will again increase further to 10k next year lifting millions out of paying income tax all together.

George Osborne said that this tax cut for working people was made achievable due to the tough decisions the government has taken on public spending and re-balancing the economy.