London Tories Announce Youth Executive.

London CF Leader Nabil Najjar

London Conservative Future (CF) Chairman Nabil Najjar has announced to tbg his executive team for the coming term.

Deputy Political – Maxwell Woodger
Deputy Membership – Will Hargreaves
Deputy Best Practice – Tom Borwick
Treasurer – Richard Allen
Secretary – Luke Springthorpe
LCF Young Professionals – Michael Bull
Media Officer - Jolyon Bryce
Communications - Mahyar Tousi
Strategy Officer – Jon Boulton
Policy Forum Co-ordinator – Laura-Rose Saunders
Social Secretary – Cordelia Evans
Social Action and Community Engagement – Danielle Fleet
Schools and Colleges Officer – Shaun Dias
Fundraising Officer – Eno Mwamba
Campaign Secretaries – Harry Ives and Dean Hyatt

With such a comprehensive executive London Tory Youth brigade is expected to make great strides over the coming year.