Labour MP Bashes Miliband for Being Soft on Benefits.

The Labour Party are today at war over Ed Miliband's soft approach and Parliamentary response to the welfare changes.

Whilst Iain Duncan Smith is today declaring war on the BBC and The Guardian over what he says is scaremongering Labour are at it amongst themselves.

First in line to have a pop at Ed Miliband is Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk.

Mr Danczuk told today's Sun that "there are plenty of people capable of working that have been parked on benefits for years" and says that Labour "has to accept that there are some people on the dole that don't want to work."

He says many people trapped in welfare dependency will never experience a hard day's work.

Frank Field also chipped in by saying that the benefit cap in his constituency was a "mega sum" and accused Miliband of ducking the challenge of taking a tougher line on welfare.

The shambles in the Labour Party comes less than 24 hours after both Harriett Harman and Chris Leslie failed to give details of their own party's welfare plans in seperate interviews.

Tory Chairman Grant Shapps said it exposes how Labour are a panic over welfare reform.