EXCLUSIVE: Wales Tory Youth in Turmoil & Reeling After Nightclub 'Booth Event'.

New CF Wales Chairman facing leadership challenge within "weeks"

SOURCES have sensationally revealed to tbg that the Wales Conservative Future (CF) Leader's position has now become "Untenable" after a "Shambolic" fringe event took place this past weekend 3 miles away from the Welsh Tory Conference, at the Pitcher & Piano Club in Swansea.

CCHQ Wales apparently refused to give the CF Wales Chairman a venue at the conference centre so he had secured a venue in the city centre. Welsh sources revealed the 'fringe event' was actually a 'booth event' held in a tiny area in "the middle of the nightclub".

tbg can report the entire CF Wales membership turned up along with activists from The Freedom Association & Rory Bloomfield of the Better Off Out campaign to give a speech.

"The Nightclub was full of drunk people that came over and started heckling at us", - one Welsh Tory told tbg.

Another said - "We couldn't even hear Rory. We had the smallest of areas right in the middle of the club. We were constantly interrupted by people. All of CF Wales were there along with Welsh Assembly members.

"It was a thoroughly embarrassing event for Wales CF and showed us up in-front of elected Welsh Assembly members, Rory, the Freedom Association and the Better Off Out activists."

tbg can exclusively reveal plans afoot to boot out the current CF Wales Chairman. CCHQ Wales and CCHQ London have drawn up proper election procedures since CCHQ voided the recent CF Wales Executive election.

A CF Wales source told tbg - "There will be a leadership bid in the next few weeks to oust the CF Wales Chairman. It will be supported by several leading CF members in Wales. There was even talk of setting up a Wales UKIP branch - which will definitely poach most of the CF Wales members."

"Planning of this event was a disaster. We were embarrassed in front of so many people. The election scandal and now this. I do not see any light at the end of the tunnel".