EXCLUSIVE: UKIP Reject Election of Youth Treasurer.

tbg can sensationally reveal that UKIP have rejected the unopposed election to the Young Independence council of Gareth Shanks as the next UKIP Youth Treasurer due to "comments made on social media".

The decision on the current Friends of Palestine in UKIP Chairman has apparently taken nearly 3 weeks to come to fruition.

Gareth Shanks exclusively told tbg - "The sheer fact that, in principle, that the NEC can reject democratically elected leaders is moronic.

"No other Party holds this power and the fact that I was the only member to run for Treasurer shows that no one else wants the job.

"I can't help but feel that we've spent so long in the EU parliament that we're starting to copy how they do democracy"

UPDATE - Gareth has since tweeted:

tbg has acquired the email sent to Gareth Shanks by UKIP General Secretary, Jonathan Arnott, giving Shanks the reasons he was rejected from his elected role on the UKIP Youth Council.

Elected UKIP Representative Rejected by Party Bosses.


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