EXCLUSIVE: Tory Youth Leader Clobbered Over 'Lack of Interest' as Eastern Region is Left Hanging.

tbg can exclusively reveal that there is said to be "radio silence" in regards to the Eastern Tory Youth Regional Chairman position, which wasn't filled in recent national elections.

Conservative Future (CF) sources in the region told tbg that there was an 'understanding' that Samantha Hoy, the current Chair', would stand unopposed. CF'ers have attempted to contact CF National Chairman Oliver Cooper over the matter, to no avail.

One source revealed to tbg - "It seems that the incumbent was too preoccupied with her other duties (both at Cambridgeshire County Council and Wisbech Town Council) and missed the nomination deadline. Samantha Hoy (incumbent) has suggested that this was a mistake, and says she should be given the position.

"I am personally a bit concerned as to whether Samantha has enough time to carry out the role properly."

A deeply concerned Eastern region Tory told tbg they were concerned that the Eastern region was rudderless whilst under fire from a strong UKIP threat.

The source went on to tell tbg - "UKIP are particularly strong in the Eastern region and I would prefer if we had someone who is able to take a more active role. I am not alone in this."

"There has been a distinct lack of interest shown by Oliver Cooper over this. We haven't been able to find out whether an election will be called or not. Even Samantha Hoy has been struggling to get a response.

"I appreciate that he is newly elected and finding his feet, but we can't even get a simple yes or no answer out of him - even via twitter.

"It doesn't say much for Oliver's commitment to localism."
- the source added.