EXCLUSIVE: Tories Accuse Lib Dem Council Leader of Weak Leadership on Hancock.

Last night tbg revealed a letter that was addressed to Portsmouth City Council Leader Gerald Vernon-Jackson. It was from Labour and Tory Councillor Group Leaders calling on Cllr Vernon-Jackson to suspend Mike Hancock from his Council Cabinet role while investigations are carried out into his conduct.

Cllr Vernon-Jackson today told a local reporter - "There is no suggestion Mike can’t do his job properly. As long as he can do his job people should continue to support him."

Hancock is reported as commenting - "I don’t intend to stand down. I intend to fight the issue when I am fit and able to."

South East Conservatives Deputy Chairman Jim Fleming exclusively told tbg - "It's at times like these that the public expect real leadership from those in leadership positions and Gerald Vernon Jackson has once again let down Portsmouth residents by putting the interests of his party and colleagues first."