EXCLUSIVE: Lifelong Tories Revolt and Skip to UKIP - the Sajid Javid effect.

Geoff Brooking is a life-long Tory activist, both dedicated foot soldier and media contributor with daily letters to newspapers, writing regularly for local & national publications such as Daily Mail, Daily Express and theblueguerilla.


This weekend life-long confidante Geoffers told tbg he was jumping ship and was defecting to UKIP. This came as a shock here at theblueguerilla and marks a pivotal turning point, in tbg's opinion, regards the state of the Tory Party. 


Question Time this past Thursday in-point, when Tory Economic Secretary to the Treasury and MP for Bromsgrove, Sajid Javid, spoke about the Tory Party not making "unfunded tax cuts" like a New Labour lackey. This was followed by Nigel Farage quite rightly correcting the spokesman on actual Tory tax cutting philosophy - It creates greater wealth thus higher indirect tax revenues. 


This was entirely embarrassing for Sajid Javid, he has been cowed by Left-wing myths and lies. And had Tory grassroots dumbfounded. 


Today, life-long Tory activist Geoff Brooking writes his first article for tbg as a member of UKIP.

"Why we Should Respect the Fact That we Live in a Democracy"

"The news that the Conservatives are launching personal and smear campaigns against UKIP candidates in regards to this year's County Council elections is pretty desperate stuff and simply underlines how David Cameron wants the focus to be as far away from policy as possible.

"After all, this is the Prime Minister who promised an EU Referendum and failed to deliver, promised to scrap the Human Rights Act and failed to deliver and even promised a British Bill of Rights and failed to deliver. As a result the economic recovery has all but stalled thanks to the continued European Union bureaucracy, we still have fanatics like Abu Qatada still at large and about as much chance of having an EU Referendum before 2015 as seeing man land on mars.

"As Deputy Leader of UKIP Paul Nuttall tells today's Sunday Express: "Isn't it sad that Conservative Central Office has nothing better to do than smear people?"

"OK not every UKIP candidate may be perfect but let's not forget that only last week a Sussex Tory Councillor was expelled from the party, a Lib Dem was imprisoned for planting bombs under cars, and even some of Labour's own team are former BNP activists.

"So to throw dirt at people who are only wanting to serve their communities simply proves to me that Cameron knows he has got it wrong on Europe, knows it is costing him activists by the bus load, and proves that Downing Street is in a panic of its own making."