EXCLUSIVE: Hoy asks Tories 'Why do we attack each other? We're all supposed to be on the same side'.

Samantha Hoy was Chairman of the Tory Youth Eastern region and has exclusively revealed to tbg in a Q&A session that she was supposed to make the candidates list for the same role in recent Conservative Future (CF) National Elections. However, to her shock this did not materalise and has resulted in CF members vying for the vacant position.

Hoy sensationally revealed tbg that she was told the CF 'Strategy Team' might attempt to install a chairman after the CF national elections but she insisted the CF membership should decide. Since this exchange Samantha says she has not heard about the vacant position, comments that tally with tbg sources in the revelation last week.

What was for Breakfast? 



In your opinion, how has the CF Eastern Region Chairman role, which you filled last term, remained vacant considering there was an national election recently?


"I saw on Twitter that the list of candidates for the elections had been published as a friend asked why my name wasn’t there. I looked and he was right. 

I immediately rang Ben Howlett who passed me on to Richard Jackson. Richard said I should have had an email about it, I checked my messages and deleted items…nothing. He said there was nothing that could be done about it until after the elections and that he didn’t think it would be a problem."

As the role is currently vacant will you be putting your name forward to be the Eastern Region CF Chairman again?

"I am undecided. I wanted to re-stand but the comments on here have made me think again."

What’s your fav’ bag/flavour of crisps?

"Ready Salted Walkers. They aren’t “plain” they are salted!"

Have you contacted recently elected National Chairman Oliver Cooper about the vacant Eastern role since the CF election?

"Yes, he said he would investigate. I was told that the exec' were happy for me to continue but that Ben (Howlett - National CF Chairman) and Richard (Jackson - Tory HQ) wanted another candidate and would let the 'strategy group' decide which of us it would be. 

"I said this was wrong and that there should be an election and let whoever wants to put their name in the hat should and let the members in Eastern Region have a say. I was told it was going to be looked in to and have not yet had an answer."

How do you respond to claims that you’ve been “too preoccupied” with other interests that your Regional CF role has fallen on the back-burner?

"I think this is an interesting claim as where is the evidence? I am currently campaigning for re-election to the county council, some people may think that’s not important but I am sure the majority think otherwise. I have had messages of support on this.

"Why do we attack each other?  We are all supposed to be on the same side. Surely we should be working for the good of the party and not squabbling."

What are your future plans and ambitions within the Conservative Party?

"I try to not plan too far ahead, live for the moment :)."