EXCLUSIVE: Hoffman Crushes Opponent at London Debating Society Thatcher Night.

Stephen Hoffman, an active member of the Conservative Party and a keen debater, stormed to victory last night when he took part in a debate organised by the Central London Debating Society, tbg can reveal.

Alongside debating partner Ian O’Neill, Hoff Stuff proposed the motion that Thatcher was good for Britain. The motion was sensationally carried by 13 votes to 9 with 2 abstentions.

Star Tory Hoffman concentrated on the seemingly irreversible decline of Britain in the 1970's before Thatcher took office. Hoffman debated that Britain was seen as the sick man of Europe controlled by trade union barons & shop stewards to whom the Government were servants and with a declining power on the world stage. Hoff Stuff highlighted how Thatcher changed all of this and "put the 'Great' back into Britain.

Opponent Ian O'Neill concentrated on the fact that Britain was seen as ungovernable and that Maggie changed it and her policies such as trade union reform and cutting inflation, which were seen as radical at the time but are now seen as the norm.

tbg understands that both proposers and opponents of the motion had an initial 5 minutes to speak followed by questions and speeches from attendees.

A wide range of topics were raised such as trade union reform, economic regeneration, the Falklands and feminism.