EXCLUSIVE: Canning says Late Arrival in Tory Youth Election Cost him Victory.

Earlier this week tbg decided to catch up with the defeated last minute addition to the recent race for Tory Youth National Deputy Chairman Political, Stephen Canning.

How do you feel about the result?

"I lost out to a superb candidate - Robert Manning has the skill, drive and talent to be excellent in the role of Deputy Chairman Political. He has some fantastic ideas which I believe will really help Conservative Future as it steps up it’s campaigning ready for 2015. All of the candidates who stood for Deputy Chairman Political bought something unique and useful to the table that Conservative Future could have utilised fantastically."

You were quite late to announce, do you think this affected your campaign?

"Definitely. Coming in so late many people had already chosen who they were going to vote for. That being said it was my job to convince them to vote for me instead and I clearly didn’t not convince enough people. What I like most about the Deputy Chairman Political election race was that it was completely centered around policies and delivery rather than any attacking of the candidates characters."

So what have you been up to since election night?

"We’ve been working very hard in Essex as we get ready for the upcoming local elections. I’m also still a councillor in Braintree where I’ve recently been campaigning on the high cost of petrol in the district in comparison with neighbouring areas."

Do you think you might be called upon by the new national executive?

"I wouldn’t want to make assumptions about anything, our new executive will do what it wishes. Though if I were asked to help Conservative Future at any level I would of course do whatever I could to assist."

Will you re-run next year?

"It’s too early to say anything right now, but I did enjoy this election. It was fanatastcic to be able to get around the country and see members from Durham, Birmingham, Leeds and Leicester. The race for DCP was also so well mannered and respectful and I definitely feel I left the race closer friends with the other candidates than when I entered it."