'Crucified' UKIP Youth Treasurer Slams 'We Dont Want the Gays to get Married' Approach by Party.

Sacked UKIP Youth Treasurer & Friends of Palestine in UKIP Chairman, Gareth Shanks, has slammed the Party's socially conservative approach claiming social liberals are getting harsher treatment than social conservatives.

Shanks also sensationally reveals that he was ousted in a backroom plot by UKIP bosses hatched in emails published online.

Shanks told the Backbencher social conservatives in UKIP get away with comments such as - "Gay sex is a crime against humanity" and "Gay adoption is child abuse".

Gareth seemed bemused in the interview and deplored double standards he says UKIP bosses have shown in regards to citing his activity on social networking as a reason for his dismissal after Friends of Israel in UKIP apparently told him to - "Get a spell check" - after it was revealed he was dyslexic on Twitter.

The Friends of Palestine in UKIP Chairman sensationally went on to claim one of his colleagues "grassed" him up to UKIP bosses in order to get him in trouble - "NEC (National Executive Committee) are Nigel's pals and given special privileges. The email between *** (UKIP Youth member) and Neil Hamilton (NEC member) links in with me getting the boot. Grassed me up good and proper."

"Clearly to me it was planned and I was sort of crucified because I don't like certain aspects of the Party leadership."
- Shanks added.