EXCLUSIVE: Crozier's Potential Multi-Millionaire Backer for North-East CF.

NORTH-EAST Tory Youth Chairman Callum Crozier is said to have hit the ground running since being elected and taken the region by the scruff of it's neck into action.

tbg can sensationally reveal Crozier is said to be in negotiation with a renowned multi-millionaire businessman in the north-east in order to - "achieve the funding for a North-East CF Battle Bus" - for troops to travel together in order fight one target seat every two months in National Tory efforts, including the four key seats in the North-East.

Crozier claims to have already successfully held several action days across the North East and has recently been campaigning with Parliamentary Candidate for Morley & Outwood, Andrea Jenkyns.

Since David Miliband's resignation as MP for South Shields the day after Callum was elected, he has also been working closely with Tory Parliamentary candidate Karen Allen, this is apparently - "To ensure high activist turnout he to take the fight directly to Labour" - Crozier told tbg.

Since becoming Tory Youth North East Chairman, tbg can reveal Crozier:

  • Took control and appointed a strong executive including Teesside CF Chairman Jacob Young, and Ben Rowden as his Deputy Chairmen.

  • Introduced a CF Regional Campaign Committee of 6 members to help coordinate activists across the region for the County Council elections, the South Shields Parliamentary by-election and Mayoral Election in North Tyneside.

  • Held several Regional Focus campaign days in Northumberland, South Shields and North Tyneside.

tbg can also reveal that Callum says he is in talks with charities of the Region to - "Work an arrangement whereby CF can actively contribute to better communities across the North-East".

Zionist Federation in bid to label Iranian Revolutionary Guards a Terror Group.

Stephen Hoffman is Campaigns Officer for the Zionist Federation and is a hardened Conservative Future activist. He campaigns for democracy and peace in the Middle East.


The Hoff writes for tbg today about the Zionist Federation's new campaign to list the Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRG) a terrorist organisation.

"Unlike Hamas, a group that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards has helped train, support and fund, the IRG is not proscribed as a terrorist organisation by the EU or the UK.

"This is unacceptable and therefore Britain’s Zionist Federation has a launched campaign today for The IRG to be listed as a terrorist organisation by the UK and EU. We are calling on the EU and UK to recognise the threat the IRG poses to international security and deal with it accordingly, through listing it as a terrorist group.

"By doing so, it would weaken significantly its work against Israel, Jewish and non-Jewish people. Furthermore, it would help choke the funding to this organisation, as it would allow for the freezing of the accounts of IRG members and businesses, as well as the IRG group more generally.

"Through the Quds Force, which is the IRG’s special operations unit made up of around 12,000 people, it has backed terrorist groups in Iraq, Lebanon, Afghanistan and the Palestinian territories, as well as engaged in terrorist activities in Asia, America and Europe. By listing the Iranian Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist group, the UK and the EU would be taking a stand against international terrorism.

"Further information about our campaign can be found here and if you agree with us that the EU and UK should designate the IRG as a terror group, please sign our petition here."

EXCLUSIVE: Wales Tory Youth in Turmoil & Reeling After Nightclub 'Booth Event'.

New CF Wales Chairman facing leadership challenge within "weeks"

SOURCES have sensationally revealed to tbg that the Wales Conservative Future (CF) Leader's position has now become "Untenable" after a "Shambolic" fringe event took place this past weekend 3 miles away from the Welsh Tory Conference, at the Pitcher & Piano Club in Swansea.

CCHQ Wales apparently refused to give the CF Wales Chairman a venue at the conference centre so he had secured a venue in the city centre. Welsh sources revealed the 'fringe event' was actually a 'booth event' held in a tiny area in "the middle of the nightclub".

tbg can report the entire CF Wales membership turned up along with activists from The Freedom Association & Rory Bloomfield of the Better Off Out campaign to give a speech.

"The Nightclub was full of drunk people that came over and started heckling at us", - one Welsh Tory told tbg.

Another said - "We couldn't even hear Rory. We had the smallest of areas right in the middle of the club. We were constantly interrupted by people. All of CF Wales were there along with Welsh Assembly members.

"It was a thoroughly embarrassing event for Wales CF and showed us up in-front of elected Welsh Assembly members, Rory, the Freedom Association and the Better Off Out activists."

tbg can exclusively reveal plans afoot to boot out the current CF Wales Chairman. CCHQ Wales and CCHQ London have drawn up proper election procedures since CCHQ voided the recent CF Wales Executive election.

A CF Wales source told tbg - "There will be a leadership bid in the next few weeks to oust the CF Wales Chairman. It will be supported by several leading CF members in Wales. There was even talk of setting up a Wales UKIP branch - which will definitely poach most of the CF Wales members."

"Planning of this event was a disaster. We were embarrassed in front of so many people. The election scandal and now this. I do not see any light at the end of the tunnel".

EXCLUSIVE: Lifelong Tories Revolt and Skip to UKIP - the Sajid Javid effect.

Geoff Brooking is a life-long Tory activist, both dedicated foot soldier and media contributor with daily letters to newspapers, writing regularly for local & national publications such as Daily Mail, Daily Express and theblueguerilla.


This weekend life-long confidante Geoffers told tbg he was jumping ship and was defecting to UKIP. This came as a shock here at theblueguerilla and marks a pivotal turning point, in tbg's opinion, regards the state of the Tory Party. 


Question Time this past Thursday in-point, when Tory Economic Secretary to the Treasury and MP for Bromsgrove, Sajid Javid, spoke about the Tory Party not making "unfunded tax cuts" like a New Labour lackey. This was followed by Nigel Farage quite rightly correcting the spokesman on actual Tory tax cutting philosophy - It creates greater wealth thus higher indirect tax revenues. 


This was entirely embarrassing for Sajid Javid, he has been cowed by Left-wing myths and lies. And had Tory grassroots dumbfounded. 


Today, life-long Tory activist Geoff Brooking writes his first article for tbg as a member of UKIP.

"Why we Should Respect the Fact That we Live in a Democracy"

"The news that the Conservatives are launching personal and smear campaigns against UKIP candidates in regards to this year's County Council elections is pretty desperate stuff and simply underlines how David Cameron wants the focus to be as far away from policy as possible.

"After all, this is the Prime Minister who promised an EU Referendum and failed to deliver, promised to scrap the Human Rights Act and failed to deliver and even promised a British Bill of Rights and failed to deliver. As a result the economic recovery has all but stalled thanks to the continued European Union bureaucracy, we still have fanatics like Abu Qatada still at large and about as much chance of having an EU Referendum before 2015 as seeing man land on mars.

"As Deputy Leader of UKIP Paul Nuttall tells today's Sunday Express: "Isn't it sad that Conservative Central Office has nothing better to do than smear people?"

"OK not every UKIP candidate may be perfect but let's not forget that only last week a Sussex Tory Councillor was expelled from the party, a Lib Dem was imprisoned for planting bombs under cars, and even some of Labour's own team are former BNP activists.

"So to throw dirt at people who are only wanting to serve their communities simply proves to me that Cameron knows he has got it wrong on Europe, knows it is costing him activists by the bus load, and proves that Downing Street is in a panic of its own making."

Labour at War Again.

The war inside the Labour Party took another interesting twist today on two fronts.

Firstly, the left wing union boss Len McCluskey said that Red Ed was heading for "the dustbin of history" unless he switched further to the left.

And secondly, the Blairite former Health Minister Lord Warner attacked the Labour Leader for opposing the NHS reforms.

With latest polls showing that Labour's lead over the Tories is now only seven points it seems as though poor Ed Miliband is starting to lose it already.

Tory Youth Member in Hot Water Over 'Food Bank Users in Pub' Tweet.

Tory Youth member Liam Walker has managed to hit the headlines today with an inane tweet about Food Bank users in the Prime Ministers constituency whom also apparently go to the pub.

Mr Walker has since apologised for the tweet which apparently suggested that anyone would take free food (lol), he then sensationally claimed - "I’ve seen some ‘food bank users’ in the pubs of Witney".

Walker was also slammed in the national press for hyping his relationship with the PM and posting questionable campaign material depicting benefit claimants as an under-class character from the TV show Shameless, below.

Labour Council Leader Quits After 'Misleading' the Public.


A Labour City Council Leader has sensationally quit his post in what has been described as a "dramatic day" in Southampton.

As reported this week on tbg Southampton Labour Council Leader Richard Williams was facing calls from Tories to stand down after he apologised for misleading the public, such reasons were explained by former Southampton City Tory councillor Paul Holmes on tbg this week.

"Stunned silence" took over the Chamber as Williams read his statement and promptly left the building.

EXCLUSIVE: Liverpool Tory Youth Executive Elected Uncontested.

Aaron Hugh Ellis has been re-elected Leader of the Tory Youth brigade in Liverpool and has today exclusively taken part on a Q&A session with tbg.


Aaron is a Scouser, he says the Tory brand still needs detoxifying in Liverpool and talks about how he will achieve this. Aaron also touches on Liverpool's strained relationship with Wirral Conservative Future (CF) and the City's CF AGM that took place this week.

What was for breakfast?

I had scrambled eggs and salmon on toast, which helped alleviate my hangover a bit.

tbg understands you were uncontested for the position of Liverpool Tory Youth Leader at last night’s AGM until a last ditch attempt at a challenge, can you expand on this?

Well, there was some confusion over issues to do with membership, which took up a lot of time, but it was eventually resolved and all the candidates were uncontested. I like to think it shows how united Liverpool CF is, which unfortunately can be the exception rather than the rule in a lot of Conservative Future branches.

Anything else interesting discussed at last night’s AGM?

We adopted a constitution finally. It was something I was very eager to do, as if you don’t sort out all the little bureaucratic stuff early on, it distracts you from more important things.

What are you reading right now?

Anthony Trollope’s The Prime Minister: It’s about whether a good person can be an effective leader. I’m not that far into it, though, so who knows…?

Has the relationship between you and Wirral CF improved at all?


Favourite fizzy pop beverage?

I don’t have one. When I was a kid, I was addicted to a bad combination of Dr. Pepper and Starburst Joosters, and that pretty much put me off fizzy drinks for life.


Can Liverpool CF help achieve any kind of headway for the Tories in the City?

I want to make us essential. As a Scouser, I’ve grown up knowing the kind of issues that confront the Party in Liverpool, and we really need to ‘detoxify’ the brand here. I want CF to lead that effort, and I also want us to play a very big part in organising the local election campaign next year.


What’s next for Liverpool CF?

We’ll be debating Labour next week about whether Thatcherism was good for Britain, which will be a lively discussion. There’s also going to be an event on Tory foreign policy, with the Prime Minister’s Envoy to North Africa as a speaker. And the new committee is already starting to plan a lot of events for after the summer, including a day conference we want to do about the 2015 General Election, kind of like the one ConHome did recently.

EXCLUSIVE: Lavish Free Launch Party set to Take Place for Central Asian Enterprise & Investment Forum.

tbg can exclusively reveal that the new Central Asian Enterprise and Investment Forum (CAEIF) are about to launch with an event at an exclusive private members club in Central London set to take place on Thursday 2nd May.

Registration for the event is FREE and lavish drinks and posh canapes will be provided throughout the night which will include speeches from senior politicians and international business leaders

tbg can also reveal the sensational high class dress code - "Gentlemen should wear business attire or a jacket, including collar and tie, with tailored trousers. Ladies should dress in smart separates, elegant dress or business attire. Trousers should be tailored."

EXCLUSIVE: Tory MP Liam Fox Brings Down the House at Parliament Street Birthday.

Tory MP Dr Liam Fox last night buoyed Tory ranks with an uplifting speech for Conservatism and denounced the shirking policies of the Labour Party at Walkers of Whitehall, London - At arguably the UK's most influential think tank, Parliament Street anniversary bash.

The biggest cheer of the night came when former Secretary of State for Defence Dr Fox leathered former Tory members whom were present at Walkers for going on a "Short fishing expedition to UKIP", tbg can reveal.

Thousands of pounds was sensationally put behind the bar and Walkers was bursting at its seems with hundreds in attendance when Parliament Street took over, in what was widely considered the politico event of the year.

Petition Launched to Defy Human Rights Act and Kick Out Qatada.

On the same day that a report says more than 1,000 foreign criminals - including child rapists and murderers - have evaded efforts to kick them out of the UK over the past four years, a petition calling on the government to defy the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) and kick out Abu Qatada has been launched.

Speaking in response to the petition Tory MP Priti Patel told tbg - "Dangerous foreign criminals should not be allowed to use human rights excuses to escape deportation."

"The public expects these criminals to be removed from Britain and the human rights laws that prevent this must be scrapped."

Sign the petition here.

UKIP Leader Farage Admits Portsmouth-South Plot.

With Guido Fawkes confirming that UKIP and Nigel Farage are planning for a Summer By-Election in Portsmouth South its seems pretty certain now that it was UKIP rather than the Lib Dems who recently commissioned the private polling in Mike Hancock's seat, as reported on tbg.

Hancock is himself still the subject of an investigation and has so far snubbed attempts to bring a private prosecution against him.

EXCLUSIVE: Tory MP Nadine Dorries Blocks Liberal Youth Leader for Being a Lib Dem.


Controversial Tory MP Nadine Dorries has today been accused of closing down democracy after blocking the Liberal Democrat Youth Leader Sam Fisk on Twitter.

Fisk & Dorries' local constituents asked about visiting schools in her own constituency after the MP was documented visiting a school in London.

tbg can sensationally reveal Nadine Dorries seemed to infer in a tweet that she was blocking Mr Fisk because he was a Lib Dem and essentially rubbishing her Mid Bedfordshire constituents concerns during the Twitter exchange.

Liberal Democrat Youth Leader Sam Fisk exclusively told tbg - "I'm happy to see the lighter side of this, but Nadine's rudeness on social media last night was appalling. Perhaps worth reminding her 25% of her constituents voted Lib Dem in 2010. That's a lot of people to block."

[Click Photo to Enlarge]

EXCLUSIVE: Influential Tory Holmes Questions Financial Cost of CF Victory and the Risk of 'Alienating Others'.

Paul Holmes was defeated by Oliver Cooper recently for the top job at Conservative Future (CF). In an exclusive Q&A with tbg Paul is magnanimous in defeat and highlights affordability as an issue for some young Tory members who have financial constraints to run nation-wide campaigns. 

Holmes also reveals his thoughts on the recent Tory Youth national elections, his future plans and sensationally calls on the leader of the former council for which he was a councillor in the City of Southampton to resign over misleading the public.


What was for breakfast?

This morning it was a cup of black coffee and a bagel with cream cheese! Normally I don’t eat breakfast.

On reflection what are your thoughts on the recent CF National Chairman election race?

I am greatly appreciative of the support that I received and polled a great number of votes compared to the elections fought in previous years. It was a good campaign to be a part of and I had a very loyal and hardworking campaign manager.

If I am honest, I wish the race could have been a cleaner fight and one that focused on the issues 100% of the time. But overall I think the membership was presented with a fair choice of candidates and a firm choice of what direction they wanted CF to go in.

James and Oliver and I had a decent relationship during the campaign and all three of us wanted to do the best for CF that we could. CF is at a cross roads, leading up to the 2014 and 2015 elections it needs to rapidly draw plans together to make sure we have as bigger presence as possible to help as many candidates as possible. I look forward to seeing those plans.

Did you think you could beat Oliver Cooper?

I campaigned to win and did think that I could beat Oliver Cooper, if I didn’t I wouldn’t have ran! But Oliver had a lot more time than I to tour the country and meet as many activists as possible. I travelled to Durham, Leeds, Epsom and vast parts of London but this clearly wasn’t enough. 

How Oliver afforded the train fares I do not know! I think one of the things that needs to be addressed is how candidates can be helped in affording to travel the country and meet as many people as possible, or future elections risk alienating others that are not in as fortunate position as others.

Would you say Oliver Cooper has hit the ground running?

I am sure we will see a whole raft of announcements and policies coming from Oliver when he officially takes over on May 6th after the handover period. I hope that we see his manifesto implemented and see his localism agenda delivered. 

My number one emphasis was the creation of branches in the marginal seats, Oliver echoed this idea during the campaign and I hope we see that delivered too. If we are to win, we need healthy campaigns in all areas of the country. I think Oliver knows this and will deliver this in time to come.

Do you think Cooper will be a successful CF Chairman?

I have no reason to think that he won’t be. As we know the role of CF Chairman can be one where it is very hard to please the wider membership. I genuinely wish Oliver well in his term. As long as he speaks up for all members across the UK I think he will be fine.

Are you providing the official opposition camp in CF now?

I think that the membership is ready to unite behind Oliver as Chairman and I am ready to work with him to deliver the policies that are needed to strengthen the organisation. The election is over, Oliver won, I lost, it would be selfish and foolish to oppose him and split the organisation.

I will tell him where I think he is wrong and agree with him when he is right, but I will say it to him and him alone. As I said, I want to work with him to help CF succeed. My phone will always be on if I can help in anyway.

Will you be running for CF National Chairman next time around or do you have much bigger ambitions in politics?

Never say never and the election is quite a while away, but I think my time has come and gone. I ran a campaign that I was happy with and espoused a message of what I would do to make the organisation grow. I do have bigger political ambitions and will work on those in good time. Now I want to focus on my career and get back to community campaigning and helping the General Election fight in my constituency association.

What do you think to your political partner Charlotte Argyle’s appointment to CWF executive board?

I’m delighted. Charlotte is a fantastic campaigner and someone who really embodies the strides that Margaret Thatcher delivered in benefiting the UK. I am a huge fan of CWF and know that Charlotte will help it grow from strength to strength. Charlotte is a no nonsense girl who certainly taught me a thing or two during the campaign! If she is given a project, she will get it done!

Your hometown of Southampton, where you were a councillor for 4 years after defeating your Labour opponent, has an on-going scandal in which the Labour Council Leader has apologised for misleading the public. Do you think he should go?

All of this stems because a Cabinet Member resigned in protest at Government cuts, the Labour leader persuaded council officers, unbeknown to them, to put out a misleading statement citing ill health for the Cabinet Member’s resignation. An inquiry has taken place and the independent author of this inquiry has shown that Cllr Williams misled council officers, his colleagues and worse of all the public over the way in which his administration runs itself.

Politicians need to be transparent and clear to their electors. Cllr Williams was not and he should stand down. He has been found guilty of breaking the Council’s Code of Conduct. I am delighted that my old boss, Cllr Royston Smith has put down a confidence motion for the next full council meeting. Cllr Williams should do the decent thing and resign.

I imagine that when I was in the Cabinet as Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, if I had been found guilty of using my officers to put out misleading and untrue statements, he would be calling for my head, why is it any different for him?

Labour Council Leader set to be Sued Over Child Sex Ring Remarks.


tbg can today reveal that the Labour Leader of Rochdale Council is being sued for libel.

Its over remarks he made after the jailing of a child sex grooming ring in the borough.

Council Leader Colin Lambert said that the borough was the "wrong place" to put vulnerable youngsters in private care and its being claimed that his comments costs two local care companies £400,000 worth of business from eight other separate local authorities.

tbg understands that Rochdale Council is also being sued.

Police Investigate Missing Money From Labour Account.

tbg can sensationally reveal that a considerable sum of money has gone missing from the bank account of the Stoke-on-Trent Central Labour Party.

Staffordshire Police are investigation allegations of "serious discrepancies" as regards an account used to pay election expenses.

Tories Call on Labour Council Leader to Resign After he Apologises for 'Misleading the Public'.


The Labour Southampton City Council Leader has sensationally apologised for misleading the public over the resignation of a colleague.

Council Leader Richard Williams released s statement that said - "Cllr Keith Morrell had been forced to step down from the city council’s ruling Cabinet for health reasons" - When he actually quit over disagreement on policy.

The Tory opposition on the council has now tabled a motion to "depose the Labour leader". A vote of no confidence is reported to be taking place next Thursday.

Osborne Receives Overwhelming Support in New Poll.

Osborne teary eyed at Thatcher funeral last week

George Osborne shed a few tears at Margaret Thatchers funeral last week and gained quite a bit of stick in the press for it.

A latest YouGov survey shows 79% of people back the Chancellors tears and say he should not be embarrassed.

The poll also showed 23% said they had a scrike in public in the last year whilst 77% of Britons said it should be acceptable for a man to cry in public.

EXCLUSIVE: Lib Dem MP Mike Hancock Shoddy Parking in Doctor's Bay.

tbg can sensationally reveal that Lib Dem MP Mike Hancock's bad road habits don't just stop at parking on double yellows, but reserved doctor bay's too.

According to sources the above picture shows Mr Hancock's car shoddily half parked in a doctors parking spot, tbg can reveal.

These revelations about his bad parking form and breaking road laws will intensify pressure on Mike Hancock MP after investigations were recently launched into claims he was a sex-pest toward a vulnerable female constituent.

Last Thursday Hancock was snapped over at Guido Fawkes parking on double yellow lines.

EXCLUSIVE: Tory Rising Star Jasmine Rahman says 'The Future for the Right is Thatcherite'.

Jasmine Rahman has sensationally revealed to tbg that she may well run again for a position on the Conservative Future (CF) National Executive in an exclusive Q&A session.

Rahman, the subject of much internet chatter, also reveals her thoughts on the recent CF election result, Margaret Thatcher and her seemingly apparent fame.


How do you feel about the Deputy Chairman Membership result?

"I had an amazing time campaigning and it was such fun getting to meet everyone. The voters made their choice and I wish Sarah-Jane the best of luck for the year ahead, I’m sure she’ll make CF proud."

Will you be running for a CF position again?

"Never say never! It’s far too early to even think about #CFelects14. I’ve got summer and post-exam parties to get through first!"

What are your ambitions now in the Tory Party?

"To ensure we win 2015!"

There's been much speculation but, are you engaged?

"Haha absolutely not! Thanks for all the well wishes though and the comments. Well they’ve been entertaining to say the least!"

How do you feel about all the attention you seem to get on tbg comment sections?

"To the fans – thanks I’m flattered. To the others... Well you can’t be loved by everyone!"

How was Thatcher an inspiration to you personally?

"Thatcher proved that by staying true to your convictions and putting in hard work, the results you want can be achieved. After what was an extraordinary funeral for a phenomenal woman I think it’s safe to say that (as I overheard on Wednesday), the future for the right is Thatcherite."

Quote of the day.

It has been revealed that in 1987 Margaret Thatcher told Mr Gorbachev:

"Afghanistan is under occupation. If my country was occupied I would join the guerillas and fight for its liberation."

Labour at War Over Miliband & Galloway Secret Meeting.

The war of words in the Labour Party took another twist today when former Chancellor Alistair Darling joined in, tbg can reveal.

The man who is being tipped to replace Ed Balls by the start of the next General Election Campaign is saying that the Party need to be more cautious about its spending commitments.

The news comes at the same time as the Party has been accused of moving further to the Left after it was sensationally revealed that Red Ed Miliband had a recent secret meeting with Respect MP George Galloway.

Galloway was expelled from the Labour Party after claims he "incited foreign forces to rise up against British troops" during the invasion of Iraq.

EXCLUSIVE: Hoffman Crushes Opponent at London Debating Society Thatcher Night.

Stephen Hoffman, an active member of the Conservative Party and a keen debater, stormed to victory last night when he took part in a debate organised by the Central London Debating Society, tbg can reveal.

Alongside debating partner Ian O’Neill, Hoff Stuff proposed the motion that Thatcher was good for Britain. The motion was sensationally carried by 13 votes to 9 with 2 abstentions.

Star Tory Hoffman concentrated on the seemingly irreversible decline of Britain in the 1970's before Thatcher took office. Hoffman debated that Britain was seen as the sick man of Europe controlled by trade union barons & shop stewards to whom the Government were servants and with a declining power on the world stage. Hoff Stuff highlighted how Thatcher changed all of this and "put the 'Great' back into Britain.

Opponent Ian O'Neill concentrated on the fact that Britain was seen as ungovernable and that Maggie changed it and her policies such as trade union reform and cutting inflation, which were seen as radical at the time but are now seen as the norm.

tbg understands that both proposers and opponents of the motion had an initial 5 minutes to speak followed by questions and speeches from attendees.

A wide range of topics were raised such as trade union reform, economic regeneration, the Falklands and feminism.

Zionist Federation Hold Celeb Bash for Israel's 65th Birthday.

[Photos by...] Celebs join ZF for Israeli London party

tbg can reveal that the Zionist Federation (ZF) held a sensational event at Wembley Arena this week to celebrate Israel's 65th birthday.

ZF were joined by a raucous 6,000 people at Wembley and witnessed performances from TV celebrities such as Stacy Soloman, Uri Geller, Britain's Got Talent winners, Spelbound, while the night was MC'd by Vanessa Feltz.

Spelbound danced their way into the audiences hearts while Stacey Soloman sang a medley of songs including a rousing rendition of ‘What a Wonderful World’.

The show was completed with Israeli singers Ivri Lider, Israel’s male singer of the Year. And Ishtar, "the Madonna" of the Middle East.

Post show there was a lavish after-party held exclusively for young professionals. The DJ was another Israeli, DJ Adi Ulamansky, who flew in especially from Israel to spin some tracks.

Tories Need to Take Advantage of Thatcher Legacy.

I too sincerely hope that Michael Thatcher enters British politics one day.

Michael was absolutely superb during the funeral of his late grandmother and his qualifications and experience gained in the USA outside of the media spotlight are just the job.

A recent opinion poll showed that if a young Lady Thatcher was Leader of the Conservative Party today then the party would be clear of Labour in the opinion polls even at mid-term.

So instead of fearing losing votes from working class strivers because of Lady Thatcher's legacy I suggest David Cameron takes advantage of it by adopting a tougher line on immigration, banning union strikes in the public sector completely, and, above all, by having an in or out EU Referendum before 2015.

Lady Thatcher was in my opinion the best Prime Minister of the 20th Century thanks to a no nonsense approach to the issues that matter.

Mr Cameron should take the tip.

Senior Labour MP's Slam Thatcher Funeral Minutes Before Ceremony.

Senior Labour MP's and George Galloway, in a last ditch attempt at gaining headlines, have today said Margaret Thatcher send off is too lavish and has too much pomp, just minutes before the ceremony took place.

Labour MP Diane Abbott told the BBC - "I think it’s important that somebody speaks up about the cost. Ten million when you’re cutting disabled people’s benefits, I don’t think the public understands that."

Another Labour MP, John Mann, claimed that there were no more people on the streets of London than on a normal working day.

Former Labour Cabinet minister Lord Mandelson last night put the boot in and said he does not regard - "Thatcher as Churchill".

However, tbg revealed this past weekend that it was the last Labour government that signed off Thatcher funeral preparation plans in 2008. [READ]

BREAKING: Former PM Margaret Thatcher Funeral Takes Place in London.

"Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t." - Margaret Thatcher

Thousands of supporters have lined the roads and cheered on Margaret Thatcher as her coffin was taken through the streets of London to St. Paul's Cathedral where the Iron Lady had her funeral ceremony in front of over two thousand attendees.

Prime Minister Cameron: 'We are all Thatcherites now'.

David Cameron has paid tribute to Margaret Thatcher saying - "In a way we are all Thatcherites now. It is inevitable some people take a different view, but the point about division is important because she was a bold politician who recognised that consensus was failing... she created a new consensus."

The Prime Minister has attended the funeral of Baroness Thatcher at St. Pauls in London and told reporters - "She was the first woman prime minister. She served for longer in the job that anyone for 150 years. She achieved some extraordinary things in her life. I think what is happening today is absolutely fitting and right.

"And I think, looking from overseas, people who respected and revered Margaret Thatcher and what she did would think we were taking an extraordinary view if we somehow didn’t commemorate this."

EXCLUSIVE: Hoy asks Tories 'Why do we attack each other? We're all supposed to be on the same side'.

Samantha Hoy was Chairman of the Tory Youth Eastern region and has exclusively revealed to tbg in a Q&A session that she was supposed to make the candidates list for the same role in recent Conservative Future (CF) National Elections. However, to her shock this did not materalise and has resulted in CF members vying for the vacant position.

Hoy sensationally revealed tbg that she was told the CF 'Strategy Team' might attempt to install a chairman after the CF national elections but she insisted the CF membership should decide. Since this exchange Samantha says she has not heard about the vacant position, comments that tally with tbg sources in the revelation last week.

What was for Breakfast? 



In your opinion, how has the CF Eastern Region Chairman role, which you filled last term, remained vacant considering there was an national election recently?


"I saw on Twitter that the list of candidates for the elections had been published as a friend asked why my name wasn’t there. I looked and he was right. 

I immediately rang Ben Howlett who passed me on to Richard Jackson. Richard said I should have had an email about it, I checked my messages and deleted items…nothing. He said there was nothing that could be done about it until after the elections and that he didn’t think it would be a problem."

As the role is currently vacant will you be putting your name forward to be the Eastern Region CF Chairman again?

"I am undecided. I wanted to re-stand but the comments on here have made me think again."

What’s your fav’ bag/flavour of crisps?

"Ready Salted Walkers. They aren’t “plain” they are salted!"

Have you contacted recently elected National Chairman Oliver Cooper about the vacant Eastern role since the CF election?

"Yes, he said he would investigate. I was told that the exec' were happy for me to continue but that Ben (Howlett - National CF Chairman) and Richard (Jackson - Tory HQ) wanted another candidate and would let the 'strategy group' decide which of us it would be. 

"I said this was wrong and that there should be an election and let whoever wants to put their name in the hat should and let the members in Eastern Region have a say. I was told it was going to be looked in to and have not yet had an answer."

How do you respond to claims that you’ve been “too preoccupied” with other interests that your Regional CF role has fallen on the back-burner?

"I think this is an interesting claim as where is the evidence? I am currently campaigning for re-election to the county council, some people may think that’s not important but I am sure the majority think otherwise. I have had messages of support on this.

"Why do we attack each other?  We are all supposed to be on the same side. Surely we should be working for the good of the party and not squabbling."

What are your future plans and ambitions within the Conservative Party?

"I try to not plan too far ahead, live for the moment :)."

'Crucified' UKIP Youth Treasurer Slams 'We Dont Want the Gays to get Married' Approach by Party.

Sacked UKIP Youth Treasurer & Friends of Palestine in UKIP Chairman, Gareth Shanks, has slammed the Party's socially conservative approach claiming social liberals are getting harsher treatment than social conservatives.

Shanks also sensationally reveals that he was ousted in a backroom plot by UKIP bosses hatched in emails published online.

Shanks told the Backbencher social conservatives in UKIP get away with comments such as - "Gay sex is a crime against humanity" and "Gay adoption is child abuse".

Gareth seemed bemused in the interview and deplored double standards he says UKIP bosses have shown in regards to citing his activity on social networking as a reason for his dismissal after Friends of Israel in UKIP apparently told him to - "Get a spell check" - after it was revealed he was dyslexic on Twitter.

The Friends of Palestine in UKIP Chairman sensationally went on to claim one of his colleagues "grassed" him up to UKIP bosses in order to get him in trouble - "NEC (National Executive Committee) are Nigel's pals and given special privileges. The email between *** (UKIP Youth member) and Neil Hamilton (NEC member) links in with me getting the boot. Grassed me up good and proper."

"Clearly to me it was planned and I was sort of crucified because I don't like certain aspects of the Party leadership."
- Shanks added.

Thatcher Hits UK Top 40 as Prescott Loses his Marbles Over State Funded Funeral Labour Signed off.

Over the past 48 hours Thatcher supporters have managed to get the 70's punk rock track "I'm In Love With Margaret Thatcher" to the official UK Top 40 on Radio 1, which takes into account all music sales over the past seven days.

The Thatcher protest song "Ding-Dong The Witch is Dead", which hit the ITunes charts earlier in the week and sparked the response by supporters later in the week, reached number two.

Meanwhile tbg can sensationally reveal that former Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott must be losing his memory in his old age.

Prezza is all over the newspapers this weekend protesting at the Government footing the costs of Baroness Thatcher's funeral and even suggesting it be 'privatised'.

However, it was the government that he was Deputy Prime Minister in that agreed to pay the costs of all past Prime Ministers funerals. Gordon Brown also signed off preparation planning for Thatcher's funeral in 2008 along with her Majestic Royal Highness, The Queen.

Francis Maude, the Cabinet Minister who has taken on the responsibility of heading 'Operation True Blue' funeral planning after continuing the private planning of the funeral since at least 2011, told tbg - "I think Lady Thatcher was a game-changing Prime Minister, both nationally and internationally, and it is right that we should mark her passing in a way that is seemly and appropriate and which befits the scale of her achievements."

Labour War Gets Bitter.

The war in the Labour Party that tbg exposed on Friday has taken another turn for the worse today.

This time its Peter Mandelson and Alan Milburn who are hitting out at Red Ed's Balls and Miliband.

Milburn tells today's Daily Express that - "Labour must show that it is not just a party of protest out of touch with main-stream opinion."

And, responding to an article by Tony Blair for the New Statesman, Mandelson tells the Express that - "Tony is saying what he has always thought which is that the old dividing lines have to be redrawn for new times."

EXCLUSIVE: Tory Youth Leader Clobbered Over 'Lack of Interest' as Eastern Region is Left Hanging.

tbg can exclusively reveal that there is said to be "radio silence" in regards to the Eastern Tory Youth Regional Chairman position, which wasn't filled in recent national elections.

Conservative Future (CF) sources in the region told tbg that there was an 'understanding' that Samantha Hoy, the current Chair', would stand unopposed. CF'ers have attempted to contact CF National Chairman Oliver Cooper over the matter, to no avail.

One source revealed to tbg - "It seems that the incumbent was too preoccupied with her other duties (both at Cambridgeshire County Council and Wisbech Town Council) and missed the nomination deadline. Samantha Hoy (incumbent) has suggested that this was a mistake, and says she should be given the position.

"I am personally a bit concerned as to whether Samantha has enough time to carry out the role properly."

A deeply concerned Eastern region Tory told tbg they were concerned that the Eastern region was rudderless whilst under fire from a strong UKIP threat.

The source went on to tell tbg - "UKIP are particularly strong in the Eastern region and I would prefer if we had someone who is able to take a more active role. I am not alone in this."

"There has been a distinct lack of interest shown by Oliver Cooper over this. We haven't been able to find out whether an election will be called or not. Even Samantha Hoy has been struggling to get a response.

"I appreciate that he is newly elected and finding his feet, but we can't even get a simple yes or no answer out of him - even via twitter.

"It doesn't say much for Oliver's commitment to localism."
- the source added.

EXCLUSIVE: 'I'm in Love with Margaret Thatcher', Rename Heathrow Margaret Thatcher Airport.

Tory activists are on the bounce today after days of mourning their once great leader & former Prime Minister Baroness Thatcher.

tbg can exclusively reveal that political activists & Thatcher supporters have sensationally launched a Parliamentary petition to rename Heathrow Airport, Margaret Thatcher Airport.

Sign the petition here

Another campaign is in response to Lefties purchasing "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead" resulting in it climbing the UK charts. Tory activists and Thatcher supporters are now on a mission to get "I'm in Love With Margaret Thatcher" to the Number One spot.

You can BUY this track at these sites:

♬ iTunes
♬ Amazon
♬ Play

Labour Official wants to bury Blair with Thatcher.


Labour official & member of its National Policy Forum Darren Williams sensationally responded to Tony Blair's criticism of the Labour Party yesterday saying - "I wonder if there might be room for another one in the coffin" on social networking sites Twitter and Facebook.

The Labour official has added to the shameless distasteful commentary from those on the Labour Left today. The eruption, in what tbg can only be described as morally void rudeness, by the Labour Left has been ongoing seen since the passing of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher this past weekend.

A reportedly 'Blairite' Labour source responded to a local reporter saying - "These comments are beyond tasteless. Darren Williams appears to be advocating the death of Tony Blair."

London Tories Announce Youth Executive.

London CF Leader Nabil Najjar

London Conservative Future (CF) Chairman Nabil Najjar has announced to tbg his executive team for the coming term.

Deputy Political – Maxwell Woodger
Deputy Membership – Will Hargreaves
Deputy Best Practice – Tom Borwick
Treasurer – Richard Allen
Secretary – Luke Springthorpe
LCF Young Professionals – Michael Bull
Media Officer - Jolyon Bryce
Communications - Mahyar Tousi
Strategy Officer – Jon Boulton
Policy Forum Co-ordinator – Laura-Rose Saunders
Social Secretary – Cordelia Evans
Social Action and Community Engagement – Danielle Fleet
Schools and Colleges Officer – Shaun Dias
Fundraising Officer – Eno Mwamba
Campaign Secretaries – Harry Ives and Dean Hyatt

With such a comprehensive executive London Tory Youth brigade is expected to make great strides over the coming year.

Thatcher Legacy Could Boost Tory Fortunes.

Remember how the wedding of William and Kate helped boost Tory fortunes in 2011?

Well, tbg reckons that the Thatcher Legacy could do the same in 2013.

Most papers have been full of praise for the former PM over the last week and with the economy on the turn and public support for changes to the Welfare State at an all time high tbg wouldn't be surprised if Red Ed Miliband had a sad red face come the results of the County Council Elections three weeks today.

The fact that war has once again broken out in the Labour Party between the Blairites and the Brownites will do the Tories no harm either.

Yesterday Tony Blair re-ignited the war by saying that Labour need to get out of their comfort zone and by criticising Ed Miliband for saying that the financial crisis had shifted the political centre ground to the left.

Former Home Secretary David Blunkett chipped in too by backing Blair up saying he was "right to remind us that the pendulum did not swing leftwards" when he was Prime Minister.

Even former Brown Minister Pat McFadden said "advice from a three time election winner should be taken seriously."

Did Red Ed take note? His response of "I'm leading my own way" suggests not.

Tory Candidate for Lincoln North Ali Williams had all but given up hope recently saying people will just vote on national issues.

Well Ali, that could just work in your favour ol' boy.

Thatcher's Funeral is a State Occasion in all but Name.

I have to say that sitting back with a bottle of Rose whilst watching the tributes paid to The Great Baroness Thatcher in The House of Commons made my year.

David Cameron's thoughts were truly awesome, Ed Miliband was most respected but the least said of Nick Clegg and Glenda Jackson the better.

I had the privilege of going to secondary school in Skegness between 1981 and 1987 at the height of the Thatcher Revolution and you had none of the political correctness we have to put up with nowdays.

It was proper educations based around the three R's and in respect of Lady Thatcher that is what it should return to.

Lady Thatcher was a tower of strength who not just saved our country but transformed it from the left wing mess of debt and high inflation left behind by Labour into a world force economy.

Lady Thatcher deserves every bit of her fitting military funeral which sounds to me as though it is a state occasion in all but name.

May my all time favourite politician and Prime Minister Rest in Peace because in the words of Conor Burns' taxi driver - "We haven't had a good un since"

Parliament Street Announce Massive Anniversary Party.

The UK's leading think tank Parliament Street have announced a huge anniversary party on Wednesday the 24th of April at Walkers of Whitehall in the City of London, tbg can reveal.

Thousands of pounds is rumoured to be behind the bar and a "sound as they come" guest speaker on offer, in what is set to be the party of the year so far for leading politicos.

Parliament Street have made dramatic waves since they opened for business a year ago making headlines with reports on Twitter and social networking use for professionals & politicians, and produced an international paper on "Fostering Democracy: North Korea".

A Parliament Street representative exclusively told tbg - "It's going to be amazing."

[Attend] Parliament Street 1st Anniversary

Tory Youth Leader Oliver Cooper Slams UKIP 'Purging'.

Tory Youth Chairman Oliver Cooper has waded into the sacking of UKIP Youth Treasurer Gareth Shanks for comments he made on Twitter, tbg can reveal.

Oliver Cooper sensationally tears apart UKIP for "purging dissenters" from its youth wing, pointing to Shanks' "questioning" of Neil Hamilton in particular as a cause.

EXCLUSIVE: UKIP Reject Election of Youth Treasurer.

tbg can sensationally reveal that UKIP have rejected the unopposed election to the Young Independence council of Gareth Shanks as the next UKIP Youth Treasurer due to "comments made on social media".

The decision on the current Friends of Palestine in UKIP Chairman has apparently taken nearly 3 weeks to come to fruition.

Gareth Shanks exclusively told tbg - "The sheer fact that, in principle, that the NEC can reject democratically elected leaders is moronic.

"No other Party holds this power and the fact that I was the only member to run for Treasurer shows that no one else wants the job.

"I can't help but feel that we've spent so long in the EU parliament that we're starting to copy how they do democracy"

UPDATE - Gareth has since tweeted:

tbg has acquired the email sent to Gareth Shanks by UKIP General Secretary, Jonathan Arnott, giving Shanks the reasons he was rejected from his elected role on the UKIP Youth Council.

Elected UKIP Representative Rejected by Party Bosses.


Tory Youth Leader Oliver Cooper Slams UKIP 'Purging'.

EXCLUSIVE: Canning says Late Arrival in Tory Youth Election Cost him Victory.

Earlier this week tbg decided to catch up with the defeated last minute addition to the recent race for Tory Youth National Deputy Chairman Political, Stephen Canning.

How do you feel about the result?

"I lost out to a superb candidate - Robert Manning has the skill, drive and talent to be excellent in the role of Deputy Chairman Political. He has some fantastic ideas which I believe will really help Conservative Future as it steps up it’s campaigning ready for 2015. All of the candidates who stood for Deputy Chairman Political bought something unique and useful to the table that Conservative Future could have utilised fantastically."

You were quite late to announce, do you think this affected your campaign?

"Definitely. Coming in so late many people had already chosen who they were going to vote for. That being said it was my job to convince them to vote for me instead and I clearly didn’t not convince enough people. What I like most about the Deputy Chairman Political election race was that it was completely centered around policies and delivery rather than any attacking of the candidates characters."

So what have you been up to since election night?

"We’ve been working very hard in Essex as we get ready for the upcoming local elections. I’m also still a councillor in Braintree where I’ve recently been campaigning on the high cost of petrol in the district in comparison with neighbouring areas."

Do you think you might be called upon by the new national executive?

"I wouldn’t want to make assumptions about anything, our new executive will do what it wishes. Though if I were asked to help Conservative Future at any level I would of course do whatever I could to assist."

Will you re-run next year?

"It’s too early to say anything right now, but I did enjoy this election. It was fanatastcic to be able to get around the country and see members from Durham, Birmingham, Leeds and Leicester. The race for DCP was also so well mannered and respectful and I definitely feel I left the race closer friends with the other candidates than when I entered it."

EXCLUSIVE: Wales Tory Youth Election Binned After 'Ballots Opened and Shared'.

After reports of concerns about the legitimacy of Wales Conservative Future (CF) Regional Executive elections, tbg can reveal that sources confirmed today Wales CCHQ have "voided" the race after receiving several complaints from CF Wales members of "election rigging and opening ballots before the close of the vote".

According to sources Wales Tory HQ had no control over the ballot email address account or the election and have carried out an investigation. A Welsh CF'er claimed - "If there was no malpractice then Wales HQ would not have dismissed and voided the election."

One source sensationally told tbg - "Ballots were opened and shared. People were called up and told them how many votes candidates had and shared the way people have voted [sic]. At the moment there will be no Welsh regional executive until Wales HQ make a decision."

A regional executive candidate source spoke to tbg in a wonderful Welsh accent and claimed that New Wales CF Chairman Christopher Harries - "Is like Del-boy from Only Fools and Horses. He wheels and deals you, takes you out for breakfasts with a pint but when you need a strong leader who will bring everyone together and follow the book.

"Chris has made a right mess of these elections. Wales CF deserved better,"
the candidate added.

One Welsh CF local branch chairman revealed to tbg that the election shambles may originate with Wales Tory HQ saying - "Frankly, the only reason it's being done in this way is because Wales HQ weren't interested in taking it on."

"The Wales CF Chairman and I don't always see eye to eye on everything but I'd never imply he'd throw an election, neither would anyone else who knows him," he added.

[HoC Vid] Dead PM Margaret Thatcher Savages Socialism and Euro.

Degenerate Left-Wing Socialists Cheer Thatcher's Death.

Labour MP Bashes Miliband for Being Soft on Benefits.

The Labour Party are today at war over Ed Miliband's soft approach and Parliamentary response to the welfare changes.

Whilst Iain Duncan Smith is today declaring war on the BBC and The Guardian over what he says is scaremongering Labour are at it amongst themselves.

First in line to have a pop at Ed Miliband is Rochdale MP Simon Danczuk.

Mr Danczuk told today's Sun that "there are plenty of people capable of working that have been parked on benefits for years" and says that Labour "has to accept that there are some people on the dole that don't want to work."

He says many people trapped in welfare dependency will never experience a hard day's work.

Frank Field also chipped in by saying that the benefit cap in his constituency was a "mega sum" and accused Miliband of ducking the challenge of taking a tougher line on welfare.

The shambles in the Labour Party comes less than 24 hours after both Harriett Harman and Chris Leslie failed to give details of their own party's welfare plans in seperate interviews.

Tory Chairman Grant Shapps said it exposes how Labour are a panic over welfare reform.

Labour's Big Benefits Rethink.

The fact that Labour's big benefits rethink unravelled within hours really exposes the splits and chaos in the Labour Party over how they failed so spectacularly to deal with the issue of the Welfare State during its thirteen years in power.

The fact that both Harriet Harman and Chris Leslie couldn't even explain Ed Miliband's new approach even though it was probably written on the back of a fag packet speaks volumes.

This is a party that ducked this issue for so long and left the whole country saddled with debt in the process simply because we had a crazy situation where people earned more on benefits than they could by doing a hard day's work.

The new Universal Credit is about fairness, its about helping people out of poverty, helping them escape the benefits trap, and about putting some pride and dignity back into the benefits system.

No wonder Red Ed's own MPs like Simon Danczuk and Frank Field are up in arms.

The current Labour Leadership couldn't organise a party in a brewery let alone write up a policy on the welfare state and so long as this is the case then they deserve to stay in opposition.

EXCLUSIVE: Wales Tory Youth Election Legitimacy in Doubt.

Conservative Future (CF) Wales members have alerted tbg to concerns they have about the legitimacy of their upcoming Regional Executive elections.

tbg has been contacted by deeply concerned CF'ers about the fact the executive election is being organised and run by the newly elected Wales Chairman Christopher Harries.

One CF Wales source told tbg - "In the run up to the election Harries promised deputy chairman positions to more people than positions available. Deputy Chairman Political was promised to four different people in Cardiff, Swansea, Lampeter and Aberystwyth. During the debate he came out and said that there will be an election."

Sources also revealed to tbg that in order to carry out a vote the CF Wales Leader has created "a new email" for Wales CF'ers to send their votes to and apparently has "complete control over that email address".

Another Tory Youth member who is in the running for a position on the Wales CF regional executive told tbg:

"These elections raise serious concerns. This election should be run by Wales HQ, not Christopher Harries himself.

"As a candidate for the regional executive I have serious reservations over these elections. There is a real possibility of vote rigging and votes of members being made public. Wales CF has been non-existent for many years, this could be a terrible start for its revival."

[UPDATE] EXCLUSIVE: Wales Tory Youth Election Binned After 'Ballots Opened and Shared'