YBF accused of dirty tricks campaign in City of London.

A Tory Councillor has sensationally accused the Young Britons' Foundation (YBF) of a "dirty tricks" campaign in the City of London Local Authority elections.

The group of candidates, headed by former Tory Youth Leader Mark Clarke, has been dramatically accused of sending out a flyer out which alerted voters to the high expense accounts incurred by the incumbents - whilst highlighting a possible conflict of interest affecting a Westminster Tory Councillor.

Seems like sound campaigning to tbg.

Mark Clarke told the Evening Standard - "There's no kind of secret Conservative conspiracy". And seemed unapologetic for wishing to remove "dead wood".

"Unless new people come in and stand openly for office, this place is going to become a geriatric ward" - Mark added.

The Local Authority is currently dominated by Independents and also faces a challenge by a Labour Party slate of ten candidates.