UKIP'ers in Legal Threats & Demands to Bloggers.

tbg can reveal top blog Kebab Time says it has been "threatened" and sensationally subjected to demands by UKIP officials.

The well known news-site has published emails it had acquired which Kebab Time says show - "UKIP are no different to other political parties, they are only interested in furthering their own careers not pursing a distinct (let alone libertarian) philosophy".

UKIP representatives argue that the emails have been obtained illegally.

Editor of Kebab Times told tbg - "Kebabtime will not be intimidated or bow to threats of legal action, Kebabtime believes that sunlight should be shone on all the dark corners of current politics".

Earlier today UKIP Youth blog Flash of Purple, which was run by a teenager, said it'd had enough of all the "legal threats" after failing to remove what UKIP deemed illegally obtained material and - "Will be ceasing any more activity from now on [sic]."