Tory Youth election candidates attend YBF rally in House of Commons.

tbg can reveal that Eric Pickles and Steve Baker have been hailed for their outstanding performances at the Young Britons' Foundation (YBF) rally in the House of Commons today.

Tory Youth Wing election candidates in attendance at the Right-wing event are Oliver Cooper, Charlotte Argyle, Jasmine Rahman, Sarah-Jane Sewell and late-arrival James Deighton.

National Conservative Future (CF) Deputy Chairman Sarah-Jane Sewell told tbg on arrival to the House of Commons - "It's so nice to see so may familiar faces here. Young people gathering for true Conservatism.

"Grassroots conservatism is running strong and I, along with all the grassroots, will keep the meadow fresh and growing."

Sarah's arrival at the YBF rally hasn't gone down too well with everybody though tbg can disclose.

One CF member said - "Sewell's one to lecture as she's never been to an event before the last 3 hours."

The backbiting and brutality of the CF election never ceases.