Tory Chairmen back Labour candidate and slam CF activists.

Merseyside Tory Area Chairman is apparently the Labour candidates campaign manager

An explosive exchange came about when Merseyside Tory Area Chairman Arron Poole sensationally came out in support of the Labour Students candidate for Liverpool University Guild of Students President in elections taking place this week.

Liverpool Tory Youth Chairman, Aaron Ellis, then wade in and slammed a Conservative Future activist questioning why a CF Chairman was backing a Labour candidate, describing efforts in student union politics as "a waste of time" and told the local CF activist - who is helping grow the Wirral CF activist branch - her efforts were not at all serious and he was not prepared to lend support.

Seems as if it's not just UKIP nabbing Tories.

UPDATE [READ] EXCLUSIVE: Liverpool Tory Youth Chairman defends focus on being sociable.