London Spin opt for Holmes as Tory Youth ballot opens its doors.

"The gloves are off"

Conservative Future election ballot is opened this morning as Right-wing rival news site London Spin has followed tbg's suit and sensationally backed Paul Holmes to become the next Leader of Conservative Future.

In an editorial this morning London Spin announced - "Conservative Future is at a crossroads, and it is essential that activists vote for a leader that will improve the organisation instead of driving it into a ditch, returning to the dark days of the Rock administration".

Calling Holmes strong & articulate London Spin said that the Tory Youth Brigade needs a Leader that will - "Stand up to UKIP youth, and meet the threat posed by them head-on. UKIP youth has poached so many critical members of the Conservative Party and beaten us into third place in Eastleigh, it’s time for the gloves to come off".

Adding - "It’s hard to imagine Cooper offering this kind of robust defence of Conservative Future, as doing so would cost him long-established political capital in UKIP youth, as well as longstanding friendships with its senior team."

It's not all bad news for Oliver Cooper today though, tbg can reveal that UCL Tories have backed his campaign.

President of UCL Conservatives Matthew Corner said - "Oliver Cooper is the best candidate in this election. Not only is he dedicated to excellent principles like free markets and individual liberty, but even if you don’t agree with his personal politics, we would still urge members to vote for him because of the superb ideas he has for CF."