Holmes to Campaign for Every British Vote as he sets out CF Plan of Action.

Tory Youth Wing Chairman candidate, Paul Homes, has spelled out how he is going to undertake the most ambitious and exciting national Conservative Future programme in its history and help achieve a Conservative Party Majority in 2015.

In an article on the Huffington Post Holmes articulated his belief that the Tories - "Must focus support on the 40 most marginal seats – more base, less bus."

Paul has experience at beating Labour in elections as a Southampton City Councillor and says he is determined to launch a social outreach programme to Working Class & Black and Ethnic Minority (BME) voters - "To demonstrate to people who don’t vote for us, that we share common values and that the Conservative Party should be their natural home."

Figures recently revealed just 16% of the BME electorate voted Conservative in the 2010 General Election, whilst 68% voted for the Labour Party.

Holmes is also firmly committed to accessible nationwide Conservative Future events with leading Party and business figures for all members and says he wants to be the peoples Chairman, enabling members to question the National Executive easily & regularly.

Paul revealed he is also hopeful of achieving greater influence in Conservative Campaign HQ.

"We must also provide a voice for members on policy in the next manifesto and commit to helping candidates in both the county elections and winning the Better Together campaign. What makes the Working Better, Together plan stand out, are those commitments to: assist delivering a Conservative majority in 2015; empower the grassroots; and drive both transparency and accountability" - Holmes added.