Holmes slams Tory Youth ballot as 'Not good enough'.

Holmes makes electoral reform top priority

There's much confusion this week as it becomes more apparent some Tory Youth Wing members are yet to receive a ballot for the organisations' national elections which opened on Monday. Conservative Future Chairman Candidate Paul Holmes has spoken up for the Tory Youth brigade today and slammed CF electoral functions as - "Simply not good enough".

It's a remarkable state of affairs when political party members receive unsolicited campaign material in their inbox or a form asking to donate some cash, but no ballot's at election time.

Holmes has released a sharp statement declaring electoral reform will be top priority through his transparency and accountability agenda.

"We have consistently argued the need for a two-way relationship between CF and CCHQ. In short, we put something in, to get something out. This starts with getting ballot papers to every single member. It simply isn’t good enough that members have had to investigate it themselves.

"There has clearly been a breakdown in communication between CCHQ and the associations, as we have discovered when members contact both to resolve their absentee ballots. Neither is the wiser to what has happened and that is why we have taken this to the top.

"There are a lot of disappointed members taking to the airwaves, which isn’t good for morale or reputation. We must keep hammering this point home, to ensure the issue is resolved before the 25 March deadline and then look at this again in the immediate aftermath."

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