Holmes and Cooper in Dead Heat at Leeds CF National Chairman Hustings.

CF Chairman candidates debating in Leeds today

Tory Youth Wing national election hustings have concluded in Leeds today.

Voting is set to commence next week when the online ballot opens on Monday with the winner being announced at CCHQ on March 25th, in what is the most fierce and tight race to become the next leader of Conservative Future (CF).

Holmes and Cooper have finished this campaigns' set of hustings in a mouth watering dead heat, tbg can reveal.

Results from straw polling for NME positions is as follows -

Conservative Future National Chairman:
  1. Paul Holmes - 9
  2. Oliver Cooper - 9
  3. James Deighton - 6
CF National Deputy Chairman (Membership):
  1. Ellie Vesey-Thompson - 12
  2. Jasmine Rahman - 10
  3. Sarah Jane Sewell - 2
CF National Deputy Chairman (Political):
  1. Robert Manning - 12
  2. Stephen Canning - 6
  3. Kris Burnett - 5
  4. Charlotte Argyle - 1