Harley wants to make sure CF ballot chaos 'never occurs again'.

tbg caught up with Simon Harley today and asked his his opinion on the Conservative Future election which he is in the midst running for Best Practice Officer.

What are your opinions on the ballot chaos and have most members received ballots yet that you know of?

"I think the difficulties we have had with the ballot are extremely unfortunate. I know a number of people who still haven't received their ballots, but this will hopefully be rectified during the coming week. We owe it to out members to make damned sure that the confusion which has arisen over the electoral process and membership validity never occurs again."

Are you ready to win? What will be your first task?

"I have a clear set of goals outlined in my manifesto. If I'm elected it will be because of the wide-ranging, sound proposals I have pledged to put into effect. Therefore my first act will be to go to the new National Executive and Party Board and obtain their formal approval so I can get to work. I don't intend to waste any time."

Harley released a new campaign poster over the weekend and one CF'er commented to tbg - "This shows the depth of dissatisfaction with the election".