George Osborne's Budget is Just What the Doctor Ordered.

George Osborne's latest Budget is in my opinion just what the doctor ordered.

It is a Budget for the low paid who will see another rise in the amount people can earn before they pay tax at all.

It is a budget for business that encourages more private sector employment with 600,000 more jobs expected this year than the same time last year.

It is a budget for the construction industry and first-time buyers with guaranteed mortgages and deposits.

It is a Budget for people who save and get on with their lives and it is a Budget for pensioners with a new flat rate of £144 brought forward by another year.

Yet instead of offering a credible alternative and some new policies all Ed Miliband can do is make party political jibes about rail journeys and the FA Cup Final.

Well all I can say is keep up the good work George because if Ed Miliband wants a fight he has got one and in my opinion when it comes down to that fight not only will Red Ed be knocked out but so will his party at the next General Election.