UKIP Youth Implodes as Former Leader Slams Candidate as 'Antagonistic & Divisive'.

Former UKIP Youth Leader Harry Aldridge has slammed candidate for the top job as, "Antagonistic" and "Obstructive" force in Young Independence (YI), the UKIP Youth Wing.

Aldridge told UKIP news-site Flash of Purple - "Sean became obstructive on the YI Council, preventing activity and making the council members not want to hold calls or discuss anything, and in the end, given that i was becoming increasingly stressed to to the time pressures of work and my life, I decided that I had better things to do than fight an obstructive force.

"I think Sean is simply antagonistic and divisive, and not collegiate, all of which are prerequisites for YI Chairman. I think Rob has these qualities in spades."

In response a UKIP Youth member told tbg - "Ever get the feeling he doesn't like being yesterday's favourite? At some point he needs to move on. He backed Olly and that helped lead to a mess. He seems to be becoming YIs very own Roger Knappman, almost nearly but if were honest never really."

"This interview has all the marks of a career that has stalled. hanging around long after his time has gone".

Young Independence (YI), the Youth Wing of UKIP, has experienced a bloody day as far as election campaigns go. Two attack ads have rocked the whole of UKIP, the second ad of the day being particularly vicious.

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