Former Tory Youth Chairman Elected Swansea University SU President.

Former candidate for Wales Conservative Future (CF) Chairman and ex-CF Chairman in Swansea Zahid Raja was last night elected Student Union President at Swansea University, defeating rival Lexi Woodward in a landslide.

On accepting victory Raja told reporters - "Thank you to everyone who campaigned for me. Thank you to everyone who voted for me.

"We broke a record in getting the most amount of votes a President has ever received and I am the first Black Minority Ethnic President at Swansea University."

Raja had a bumpy ride from the Right-wing of the Tory Youth Brigade back in 2010 being attacked as an "NUS Nymby" and a "Loon".

Swansea University also saw females candidates take five out of the seven elected positions that were available.