EXCLUSIVE: UKIP Youth Leader Candidate to Rise Above Mud-Slinging.

Sean Howlett is a member of Young Independence (YI), the youth wing of UKIP, and he has big ambitions in YI and within the rest of UKIP.

UKIP Youth national elections will take place at the Party's Spring Conference on Saturday 23rd March.

Howlett exclusively tells tbg he has a-lot of support to become the next UKIP Youth Leader and slams those in opposition to his bid as a clique of mostly non-Party members.

The UKIP Youth Leader hopeful also reveals to tbg that he has his eye on two constituencies for the next General Election and what kind of policies he'd like to see in the UKIP 2015 manifesto.

What did you eat at breakfast?

"A banana.

So, it is true, you will be in the running to become the next UKIP Youth Chairman?

"It is true, and it is something I have not jumped into lightly. I want to make a positive difference to YI, especially where so much negativity happened at the last election."

You seem to be facing stiff opposition to your bid, does this concern you?

"I’m actually getting quite a bit of support. The supposed 'stiff opposition' is from a small vocal clique of no more than a dozen people, many of whom are not actually party members. I’m going to rise above any mud-slinging and fight a clean campaign. I’m not going to engage with attention seekers."

What’s your favourite fizzy pop bevy

"Orange Lucozade.

What sort of UKIP policies do you want to see take on the ‘big 3’ in 2015?

"Of course our main policy in UKIP is to leave the EU because that's the ONLY way we can enact many of the policies we'd like to, as well as bringing democracy back to the people.

"I personally think we need to challenge the other parties on their abject failure to deal with the economy: George Osborne is the most Keynesian Chancellor we've ever had and what this country needs is a party of small state and low taxes to get growth started.

"I'd really like us to push our tax policy with the minimum threshold for paying tax taking the minimum wage earners out of the preposterous tax credit administrative nightmare and as someone who didn't go to university I'd like to push forward our education policies which focus on what is best for each individual child."

What would you say to your colleagues that accuse you of being too socially conservative?

"Well I’m not. I’m very much a “live and let live” kind of person. Regardless of ideologies, I’m not using Young Independence to promote a particular ideology. We have such a broad church, that promoting ideology would be extremely unfair."

Are you a religious man?


Can UKIP get any MP’s elected in 2015, and do you plan on being one of them?

"I think we will win a handful of MP’s in 2015; however I think that 2020 will be UKIP’s day. I think by 2020, we will see a sizeable amount of UKIP MP’s elected to Westminster. With regards to myself, I do have my eyes on Enfield North and a couple of Hertfordshire constituencies."

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