EXCLUSIVE: UKIP Youth Election Hots up With Savage Attack Ad.

tbg can exclusively reveal the Young Independence (YI) election first attack ad. The ad rips into contender for the top job of YI Leader, Rob Comley, pleading with the UKIP Youth electorate not to 'Rob' YI of its future.

One YI source told tbg - "Having done a lot of research for the YI elections I can see that Rob's opponent is a smart, hardworking, well liked and respected guy, however it has become apparent that Rob Comley is only running to raise his profile so he can become an MEP or MP or defect to the Tories."

Another YI source revealed to tbg that Comley has apparently called for the creation of a UKIP Youth Scottish branch, however seemingly - "Unaware that a functioning one already exists". YI Scots Chairman Oluf Marshall is said to be - "Not happy."

[YI Election Campaign Attack Ad]