EXCLUSIVE: Tory Youth Election Embroiled in Misogyny, Harassment and Threats.

tbg can reveal Conservative Future (CF) have been drawn into public claims of menacing emails and late-night threatening phone calls.

Yesterday tbg received emails smearing Oliver Cooper and a female colleague. Today, Tory blog #ThingsEJsays published the vicious nonsensical threatening emails.

The latest email made public to tbg threatens a female friend of Oliver Cooper and tells her - "We don't want 'kippers [sic] and we don't want libertarians. You aren't Tories and you aren't welcome" - then goes on to tell the female to stop helping Coopers' campaign or her private life will be all over the internet.

tbg can exclusively reveal it has been aware that members of Conservative Future have been receiving malicious & threatening phone calls since all candidates were announced at the start of the year.

Tory Youth National Deputy Chairman Sarah-Jane Sewell said - "As someone who has also been receiving the annoying and irritating anonymous phone calls in the early hours of the morning - this MUST stop!

"Also, the misogyny needs to STOP! I am sick of unsolicited sexually harassing comments. Females are not objects to pass around, we are human beings - seriously get some humanity and humility!"

National Conservative Future Chairman Candidate Oliver Cooper said - "The misogynistic attitude shared by these cowards - whether they hide behind blocked numbers, hushmail emails, or anonymous blog comments - is hardly conducive to attracting more women to CF. And god knows we need more."

Super Tory and Parliamentary researcher Mahyar Tousi exclusively told tbg -

"Fortunately these people are still amateurs, and don't realise that their actions are pointless and childish, and that they will eventually shoot themselves in the foot and destroy their career, as we've seen in the past and recently in these elections.

"I've never been concerned about the personal attacks on me, but I cannot keep quiet when they go after my friends, especially when their only crime is having different political views. These attacks must stop before CF loses its reputation and becomes like Young Independence (UKIP Youth)."

CF Wales Chairman candidate Christopher Harries said - "I felt I could help develop a region and contribute to the Party. I have been on the receiving end of anonymous phone calls and messages and frankly I have had enough."