EXCLUSIVE: Tory Activist Tara Hewitt and her Transition.

        Tara has gone from a Red, to a Blue

Tara Hewitt was involved in community work and campaigning whilst at university and went on to join the Labour Party and become a representative on the National Union of Students National LGBT and Disabled Students Committee’s. Tara was also national Labour Students’ LGBT Officer and Vice Chair of the Liverpool Wavertree Constituency Labour Party.

Tara was involved in organising the selection campaign for the now Labour MP Luciana Berger and was part of the Labour Party’s North West regional campaign team during the general election in 2010. I also became .

Following her disillusionment with the Labour Party during the move away from Blairism and after experiencing transphobia and abuse off some members she left the Labour Party.

Tara told tbg that specifically through personal engagement with Louise Mensch the social conservative agenda within the Conservative Party had changed and was changing all the time, she says the Tory Party was welcoming of people from all backgrounds that embraced the same direction of economic policy and values of aspiration, work and growth.

Tara has become very active since joining the Conservatives and has attended a variety of events such as Liberty League, Party receptions with government Ministers and MPs, by elections in Bradford, Corby and Eastleigh and the important Mayoral election Campaign in Liverpool.

Tara now works with her new association Wallasey based in the Wirral where she has been selected to be on the approved candidate list for local government elections in 2014 and has recently been elected Deputy Chairman Membership of Wirral Conservative future.

What was for breakfast?

"Coffee before I leave for work and when I get into the office or a meeting, never anytime for breakfast usually."

You had a bit of a spat with Liverpool CF recently, have you all made up yet?

"The chairman and I had a very public disagreement; however I am fully committed to working with Liverpool CF and their new executive after their up and coming AGM.

"As Deputy Chairman of Wirral Conservative Future I feel it is important CF branches have strong regional partnerships and we have already proposed ideas for some joint social events and campaign work with both Liverpool CF and Cheshire CFs going forward. Personal views and debates can always get heated but what is important is remembering we are all in the same broad church of a party and that only together will we help win a conservative majority in 2015."

What sort of a CF would you like to see?

"A successful and growing CF, that contributes to the wider diversity and political direction of the party. A CF that plays an active role in supporting associations in events, media and campaigning activity across the UK and helps develop the next generation of community leaders from within the Conservative Party."

What have been your biggest life challenges?

"Having being forced to leave sixth form and get employment to support myself following the breakdown of my family home. I was able to get an apprenticeship in a solicitors practice and whilst working full-time supporting my long term partner (of that time) in our rented home.

"I also arranged and self-taught myself four A levels over 8 months so that was able to apply and go on to study Law at university – I attended the University of Liverpool. This helped show me the importance of hard work and how no matter how unobtainable a goal may seem you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it and is one of my proudest achievements.

"I could have used examples of overcoming my disabilities or being Transgender transitioning at university etc. However I feel it’s what you do in life that matters not necessarily who you are."

Fav’ Fizzy pop beverage?

"Cherry Coke :)."

What does the future hold for Tara Hewitt in the Conservatives?

“Don’t ask what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country...“

"Don’t ask what the party can do for me but what I can give back to the party is probably my answer.

"I believe in a country built on aspiration, valuing diversity and empowering people to achieve whilst promoting community responsibility. I know it is a Conservative Party that supports these values and I look forward to helping the party achieve it whether it is in government or in my local community where I live.

"I would personally like to be involved in politics to help deliver those changes either as a local Councillor or an MP when I feel I have the experience and the skills to be able to best support the Party and give my community the representation they deserve within their council or parliament."

What other Community Work are you involved in?

"I have recently become Vice Chair of the Board of Governors at Mosslands School a local all-boys secondary school. I am really enjoying getting to grips with working with the school staff and parents to help with the schools transition towards becoming an academy, helping to develop the school’s curriculum and educational support teams to ensure every pupil is able to achieve their full potential. 

"The work is really rewarding and can’t recommend becoming a school governor enough to anyone interested in supporting their local community.

"I am also a Director and Trustee of a Large D/deaf Charity in Cheshire delivering residential care, support and information to D/deaf, Deaf blind and those with learning disabilities in the Cheshire area across two large local authorities. 

"Having a significant hearing loss myself it’s been great to give something back to an organisation that like many in the third sector plays an important role in the lives of many people, ensuring the most vulnerable people in our society get the support they need and are helped in getting their voices heard."