EXCLUSIVE: Tories 'Confident' of Lib Dem MP Mike Hancock Resignation.

It's being rumoured amongst Tories in the South that Mike Hancock is resigning as Lib Dem MP for Portsmouth South on health grounds, forcing a by election.

Hancock has been forced to deny sexual assault claims in recent weeks.

Local sources say local Tory candidate Flick Drummond is tonight locked in a secret meeting with fellow Conservatives about the news - And is said to be so confident about the rumour they have set up a Campaign Meeting for tomorrow night.


Portsmouth South Conservative Candidate Flick Drummond has just confirmed that a meeting has taken place tonight, but no meeting is planned for tomorrow night, tbg can reveal.

Drummond has also confirmed to a local source that she heard the rumour and says if it happens then she and her team are now ready.

Earlier, reporters at the Portsmouth News contacted many leading figures in Portsmouth to try and follow up the rumours that began circulating since renewed allegations about "inappropriate behaviour" by the Portsmouth South MP.

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