EXCLUSIVE: Rob Comley rallies UKIP Youth troops ahead of crucial ballot.

Rob Comley is running to become the next Young Independence (YI) Chairman, the youth wing of UKIP.

Rob has been caretaker Chairman since Olly Nevile was sacked for his support over the gay marriage bill. On the last full day of campaigning in the YI elections today, Rob Comley writes for tbg.

"As we enter the last full day of elections, myself and Sean, as well as all the other worthy candidates, will be grovelling for those last few votes that are still left to be fought for. I wanted to write to you all, not to gain those votes, but to say thank you.

"When I became events officer in November, the thought of becoming your YI chair had never crossed my mind. When I was offered the role of vice in January which led to me stepping up into the caretaker role, it was a real honour, although as you can imagine it was at a time where YI was being ripped apart from the top down with resignations from the North and the South. It was indeed a very difficult time for members who had been involved with the party for a long period and now felt disillusioned.

"Something had to be done to pull them together to make YI strong again. YI needed to be reformed.

"I straight away organised a meeting with the Party Chairman, Steve Crowther and executive director, Will Gilpin to try and get Young Independence the best deal. It was a very successful meeting and we came away believing that the future was bright for YI.

"There are always going to be fall-outs at election time - to be the chairman of our much loved youth wing may not seem like a huge deal to the outside world, but to us it is. Like in January, we will have to pull everyone back together, to unify everybody regardless of who they are. There is always going to be a side who is jubilant and a side who is disappointed at defeat and we will see this when we hear the results over the weekend, but I truthfully hope regardless of the result that we all work together as a team to achieve the greater goal.

"All in all, trying not to sound too much like an ex left wing Prime Minister, I have done what I believed was right for YI and will continue to do so regardless of if I am chairman or not. I wish to thank everyone who has been involved in the last couple of months; especially those who have been working hard alongside myself to rebuild and to make us stronger. I hope to see you all in Exeter!"