EXCLUSIVE: Pro-Israel campaigner Hoffman slams critics & backs Cooper for Tory Youth Leader.

Stephen Hoffman will not be running for Tory Youth Chairman, this year at least, he's decided to back Oliver Cooper for the top job, tbg can reveal.

The Conservative Party politician and pro-Israel campaigner with the Zionist Federation, Hoffman gives us an insight into his personal views in the Middle East conflict and the way it is portrayed by the media. Stephen answers accusations that Israel's response to Palestinian opposition & protest is heavy handed.

Hoffman calls George Galloway's actions "disgraceful" and tells tbg that some people are blinded by hatred, but he loves Coca-Cola. He also calls upon those in UKIP youth who are Pro-Palestinian not to disproportionately bash Israel.

Hello Stephen, what did you have for breakfast?

"Tea and cereal."

There’s been a lot of anti-Israel chatter recently with George Galloway, UKIP Youth etc. Being involved with Pro-Israeli organisations what do you think about such discourse?

"I’m not a spokesperson for the Israeli Government, all I ask for is a fair hearing in the media and political discourse. Unfortunately, some people are so blinded by hatred of Israel treating them as the devil incarnate. Often this is done in ways that demonise Israel and challenges Israel’s right to exist. I think in the interests of fairness this has to be challenged and I see my role as doing this.

"What George Galloway did was absolutely disgraceful and I would urge those in UKIP youth who are Pro Palestinian not to constantly bash Israel disproportionately that achieves nothing."

Do you believe that a Palestinian State should exist, and reach Jerusalem?

"I personally support the two state solution and also believe a Palestinian State should exist. In terms of Jerusalem I believe this should be the capital of both states and this would obviously need to be discussed at final status negotiations."

Hoff Stuff, you must be awfully Hoff all the time, what’s your fav’ fizzy pop beverage?

"- Coca-Cola"

Are Israels’ response to Palestinian opposition & protest heavy handed?

"No. Of course the loss of lives on any side is a tragedy. Unfortunately the way groups like Hamas work is they fire from civilian areas and use civilians as human shields, as well as indiscriminately targeting Israelis. Israel does its best to avoid deaths when defending itself, but this is extremely hard due to the way groups like Hamas work.

"Whilst groups like Hamas show such disregard for lives on both sides, unfortunately the Palestinian people through no fault of their own would suffer.

"It is important to note in all of this that still Israel comes under frequent attack. For instance since 2005 when Israel pulled out of Gaza, over 8,000 rockets have hit Israel from Gaza. The duty of any nation is to protect its citizens and this is what Israel is trying to do".

Why do you love politics?

"I love politics because it gives you the chance in however small a way to put your ideas into action."

Are rumours true you’ve been nominated to become the next Conservative Future Chairman?


Do you want to be Conservative Future Chairman?

"Not yet no, for the future who knows. I am firmly behind Oli Cooper who will make an excellent CF Chairman if elected."