EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Email Reveals Dramatic Overhaul of Conservative Future.

Maggies minutes reveal opinion on Tory Youth Wing before emails in 1982. [Guido]

On the eve of one of the most hotly contested elections in recent years tbg has been leaked a sensational email that will send shockwaves up and down the British Isles while potentially changing the course of history.

The communication attempts to persuade one Tory Youth Wing leadership campaign to match, if not go further, with a dramatic overhaul of the current Conservative Future (CF) national structure. Exactly why this was sent is not understood.

A CF source told tbg that the communication was sent by a junior member of the Cooper camp to various candidates standing in the election, asking them to pledge to abolish the current CF structure.

At present CF has a national executive [made-up of seven elected and appointed positions] and a strategy team that specifically caters for different segments of the youth wing.

The email states: "Do this if you’re elected. Abolish CF Women. Abolish the CF Strategy Team. Abolish CF Policy Forum [all three lay under the strategy team]. Abolish CF Fundraiser Officer and PR Officer [on the national executive].

"Their reasons for this? [These are] just a bunch of meaningless job titles that make the people who hold them think they wield power."

The news is sure to rock the Tory Youth Wing's foundations and those whose jobs seem under threat, namely Clare Hilley, Rory White-Andrews, Ben Corbridge and Adam Honeysett-Watts.

Last year tbg reported that Paul Holmes would, if elected, abolish the regional chairmen structure. Back then he strongly denied this and indeed today tbg stands corrected.

Since then a former leadership candidate has apparently quietly confessed that this was a deliberate campaign to knock him out of the race.

Facing up to the challenge, Paul has received the support of two recently elected regional Chairs including Jonathan Levy in the North West and Toby Elliott in the South West, as well as hopefuls Callum Crozier and Ross Butcher.

Another Tory member told tbg - "Why would anyone even think, let alone hint, at changing what is widely perceived by CF members as a winning team structure?"