EXCLUSIVE: Former UKIP Youth Leader Says Infighting and Bitterness Plagues Party.

Olly Neville is a writer for BackBencher and is former UKIP Youth Leader. Neville was unceremoniously dumped by UKIP for his vocal support of gay marriage.

Olly Neville today writes for tbg and says bitterness and infighting plagues the senior wing of UKIP and now says its youth wing, Young Independence (YI), faces a 'stark' choice between 'divisiveness' or 'unity' in its elections this week.

Last week the YI election found itself embroiled in vicious attack ads and leaks, the UKIP insider reveals to tbg that members of UKIP Youth have now been subjected to 'legal threats'.

The former UKIP Youth Leader also tells tbg that the future for YI and UKIP is bright claiming - 'Those that plot and scheme have been exposed'.

"As hard as it might be to believe I have an awful lot of love and respect for YI. Young kippers are light-years ahead of, and apart from, the ‘angry social conservatives’ that tend to inhabit the main party, the branches, and the darker areas of the online party forum (basically all of it).

"Nor are YI the principle sellers who inhabit the leadership - Whose only goal is a sniff of power or a bit of cash and are willing to sell out and change or campaign on mostly anything as long as it gets them headlines and poll points.

"Young Independence is different. Perhaps it’s by virtue of them being young, but UKIP’s claims of principles and free speech are practiced by their youth wing.

"While YI is certainly within UK political parties the strongest voice for liberty and freedom (expect perhaps some CF-ers such as Oliver Cooper who YI must be praying doesn’t win the CF elections) it is not made up of just libertarians.

"The infighting and bitterness that plagues the main party between liberals and social conservatives, authoritarians and libertarians, Faragistas, Anyone-But-Nigel-ites, brown-nosers etc etc has not plagued YI. Well it hadn’t plagued YI. Until now.

"It is no surprise that YI has been thrown into turmoil at the same time as the candidate that Harry Aldridge, YI’s most successful ever Chairman, describes as the most antagonistic and divisive force in YI has thrown his lot in to become the next Chairman.

"As UKIP got more popular they were always going to find that careerists and brown-nosers began to out power the idealists and those that joined from principle. Such a struggle is always brutal. People always fight the hardest when their fighting for love or for money.

"This election been the most brutal contest I have ever seen, with vicious attack ads and breathtaking leaks. Several YI members have complained that they have had legal threats against them, in one case for repeating the very words one candidate is on record having said!

"But YI can bounce back, it is at a crossroads and if its future is in the hands of its members. The choice between divisiveness vs unity, cloak & daggers vs honesty and career vs love has never been starker.

"YI is much more in tune with the 21st century than UKIP main. It understands the power of Facebook and twitter, where YI do at least as good a job as the main party despite not having any paid social media-ers. YI-ers in general have a positive vision for Britain, rather than the negative, backward looking one much of the main party has.

"The future for YI and consequently UKIP is bright, those that plot and scheme have been exposed, especially in this election, whilst those who are committed and honest will not be brought down by the cruel attacks of their opponents.

"To bastardise a line from the CF elections - Winter is most certainly coming for Young Independence. Whether they weather the storm or not is in their hands."