EXCLUSIVE: Bloodbath at KCL Tories' Election as Candidate Labelled 'Pompous' & 'Horrible'.

[From left] Cameron 'Bulldog' Brown, Ben Judge and Yazdan Chowdhury

Kings College London (KCL) Conservatives have elected a new President after a gut-churning ferocious bloody election hustings this past week.

Tory Candidate Yazdan Chowdhury lost the election, according to sources, on the back of a "severe attack" by rival candidate Cameron Brown who then pulled out of the race and asked members to vote for the third candidate, Ben Judge.

Sources say Cameron Brown was not going to run at one point, as the former KCL President accused him of foul play. tbg understands Brown managed to stand after "proving his innocence", however instead of using his speech to layout his manifesto Brown launched a scathing attack on Yazdan Chowdhury.

Sources also reveal Brown sensationally labelled Mr Chowdhury "pompous" and a "horrible human-being", the lethal speech was apparently met with dropped jaws and gasps from KCL Tory members. KCL Sources told tbg the former President had to cut Brown off half way through his speech and "bundle" him off stage.

Chowdhury was then subject to open attack by, sources say, "a very drunk" Vice President who remarkably lambasted Chowdhury for being a "right wing bully", despite "Chowdhury looking as if he was the one being bullied."

Yazdan Chowdhury went on to lose the election to Ben Judge 21-13 after Cameron Brown's withdrawal.

Sources told tbg that - "Members of the society were not only shocked by what had gone on but also that the inexperienced Ben Judge was chosen."

One KCL Tory member said - "Another toff in charge. Ben seems to be the only one who has benefited from all this. Only time will show his inexperience."

Another said - "Who is Ben Judge? KCL Conservatives will now wander back to obscurity. This begs the question, did Ben Judge manipulate them all? Or did the nobody land on his feet by accident?"

tbg understands that Cameron Brown and Yazdan Chowdhury have now "Hugged and made-up".