EXCLUSIVE: Accusations of Class Discrimination Among Tory Activists.

A Tory Youth Deputy Area & Branch Chairman today sensationally stands accused of making 'classist remarks' whilst on the campaign trail during the Eastleigh by-election, tbg can reveal.

tbg was contacted by a deeply concerned Tory member about alleged discriminatory comments made and stated - "Our Party has been skirmished by the views of people like this in the past but it is important that (name) is not allowed to continue to discriminate in this manner."

Further investigation led to tbg locating one (of up-to four) eye witness to the alleged account of 'class discrimination' who is a Conservative Future branch chairman in Sussex.

The Tory Chairman told tbg - "We had spent an afternoon, five days before the Eastleigh by-election, posting leaflets etc. There were two locations we went to - the first was a suburban estate where housing was modest. The second was in the countryside where housing was clearly expensive.

"It was during the leafleting in the countryside that (name) said to me - 'I much prefer this sort of area, I couldn't bear to live near the sort of people we delivered to earlier today' - Not an exact quotation but very much in the realms of what was said."

It was with a sense of regret the Chairman felt he had to reveal such shattering information to Tories after the Party has been trying to weed out such attitudes for nearly a decade.

"I regret to give this information and that I do admire (name) commitment to the Party.

"I do believe that (name) means well, but (name) views on different socio-economic sectors of society are worrying."
- the local Sussex Tory Chairman added.