David Miliband Leaves Labour to its Lefty Vices.

"I am of the opinion that the reason why David Miliband is leaving British Politics is because of Labour's dangerous left wing leanings.

"Let us not forget that even though his brother, Red Ed, won the Labour Leadership, it was only thanks to his pals in the union movement.

"David won the support of 90% of constituency Labour Party's yet still lost.

"Since his election, as was the case with his former boss Gordon Brown, the vast majority of Labour funding has come from the trades union barons.

"So if Labour were to, heaven forbid it, win the next election, whatever the economic circumstances, they would want payback time.

"Clearly, as a Blairite, I believe that David can see that danger and therefore has simply jumped on a ship to the other side of the pond before the ship that both of the Red Ed's are steering in deep and choppy waters hits the iceberg and sinks without trace."