CF'er labelled 'Sick C*nt' by UKIP Youth Member.

It has been reported that a member of Conservative Future made an official complaint to UKIP officials after he says a member of Young Independence, the youth wing of UKIP, called him a "Sick fucking cunt" at a Freedom Association event.

CF'er Mr Boulton today went public about the incident and the prominent UKIP Youth member on the fearless UKIP news site Flash of Purple:

"I'm not sure how this was dealt with, if at all, (UKIP member) does not seem to have been reprimanded for this or any other actions that might fall under what (Former UKIP Youth Chairman) calls his 'usual behaviour'.

"While as a Conservative it would be in my partisan interest to see (UKIP member) win and proceed to alienate any YI-ers who don't share his toxic views back to the Tories, I would be upset to see an organisation a number of my friends, including both (Former YI Chairmen), have worked so hard for be taken over by such an individual."