#CFelects: Elliott Says Things

Toby Elliott is Conservative Councillor for Priory Vale and Regional Chairman-elect of South-West Conservative Future. tbg can reveal Toby's views and endorsements on this years breathtaking Tory Youth Wing election.


"Since the beginning of January I have been to five of the official election hustings right across the country; as well as numerous other events which candidates have been at. By being one of the very few, outside of national candidates, to have witnessed how things work I believe I am well placed to offer an opinion on the candidates, as well as my endorsements."


"Normally in these endorsement articles people analyse all of the candidates before announcing right at the end who they will be supporting; meaning that majority just press ‘Page Down’ until they see a name. I will make things easy… the candidate who has consistently come across as the most professional; who can deliver on their clear & concise manifesto and will do so for all members across the country is Paul Holmes.

"Irrelevant of how many members CF really has, what is absolutely sure is that it is a lot bigger than the one person at the top. We are a varied and talented bunch and whoever is Chairman must represent all of these people; as well as reaching out to gain new members. The person for that job should be Paul Holmes and I will be voting for him.

"On a side note I would offer a word about James Deighton. I think James’ campaign got off to a non-starter; however James is one of the most genuine people in the Party as well as being fantastically intelligent; his talents should not be wasted by whoever eventually wins."


"There is only one formidable force within this contest and that is Robert Manning. His ‘stand by your manning’ hashtag may be a little strange, but this man is a devout campaigner and will use his experience to deliver a national campaigning strategy for the 2014 county and European elections, the Better Together campaign and the 2015 General Election.

"It is rare to come across someone who is so clearly confident in their abilities, yet self-effacing and able to communicate with all members. In every hustings Robert brought back communication at the heart of his answers and I am sure that he will master the role through his manifesto pledges."


"For years the Deputy Chairman Membership position has been a difficult one with no real idea of how many members we actually have (15,000; 18,000; 24,000?) and an apparently shockingly low turnout in the last CF election.

"It is also easy for us on the outside of the National Executive to judge how badly or well previous and incumbents have done the role, however we do not know what happens behind the scenes and the complications that do exist with CCHQ. That said I believe that we must be more professional and more forthright with CCHQ in order to get things done and we cannot just blame an office in London for lack of progress. This professionalism must go through everything we do including logos, posters, events, media output and much more. The only person who has the drive, determination and downright direct attitude to achieve this is Ellie Vesey-Thompson."


"The role of Best Practice should be as a grand facilitator – no one person on the National Executive will have all of the answers; but I guarantee that somewhere amongst our many fantastic members there will be someone who will. The Best Practice Officer should champion members and push them to the fore.

"Having known Ben Corbridge for the best part of 6 years he has shown himself to be a hard working and dedicated member of Conservative Future. He has run virtually every CF position out there and knows his stuff. I am sure he will make a fantastic Best Practice Officer."


"As the new Regional Chairman-elect of the South West I would like to thank all of the members who contacted me to show their support as well as help I have already received. I am keen to get cracking across the region and with the new National Executive as soon as possible.

- Toby Elliott