EXCLUSIVE: Dom decides.

McDonough has decided who he is backing for CF National Chairman.

Dominic McDonough is a former Scottish Conservative Party official and former candidate for Conservative Future (CF) National Chairman.

The CF Election has been one of the most exciting and closely contested in years. It has brought CF together and shown us the very best of the organisation. We have some fantastic talent in the youth wing of the party and the open debate has been testament to the amazing future we have.

Over the last few weeks I have met with many of the candidates as well as members of the party and the wide range of opinions and political opinions has stood out to me. I have finally made my decision on who I will be voting for, if I get a vote that is.

I am happy to announce that I am supporting Oliver Cooper for the position of CF chair. I feel that Oliver has the people skills, vision and experience to unite all sides of CF and turn the organisation into a real force within the party.

I have, for a long time, expressed a desire to see CF focus on individual campaigns and speak with an independent voice. I feel that Oliver could make this a reality. I also feel that he understands the importance of embracing localism within CF and giving regions greater power to tailor campaigns to individual areas.

This is not a slight on the other two candidates. Paul Holmes and James Deighton are fantastic candidates and would do a good job leading the organisation. I still feel that the Holmes campaign has been too cold and has not engaged with the members enough. His professionalism is to be commended and with more engagement could certainly be a future leader.

James Deightons' campaign just never quite got going and although I find James an incredibly nice guy and someone who would be a safe pair of hands, I just don't feel like he offers the radical change that CF needs.

I hope that whoever wins the election will really stand up for members and enact their manifestos. We need an independent voice for CF who will transform it into a real pressure organisation and who will think of members rather than just push their career forward.

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