Butcher set to deliver 'Digital Hub' to South-East Conservatives.

South East Conservative Future Regional Chairman candidate Ross Butcher is ready to implement his new flagship policy he calls 'The Digital Hub', an online resource centre for Tories across the South East, tbg can reveal.

As well as his pans for the South-East, Butcher talks to tbg about religion, how his campaign is going and that he has Red Bull every morning.

What was for breakfast today?

"I tend to start every day with a can of Red Bull. I’m not quite myself until an injection on caffeine"

How are your campaign efforts fairing?

"Pretty good, so far people have been really receptive to my ideas and vision. For example, my idea for a digital hub has gone down really well with both the grass roots and some senior members of the Party. I have also been discussing the need for holding bi-monthly forums around the region and the importance of working together to encourage fostering between branches in order to win target seats. These are just a few of the ideas I am looking forward to discussing at the forthcoming hustings."

Have you been to Eastleigh?

"I have tried to get down as often as I can. Fortunately I was able to spend all of last weekend there."

What do you think makes a good regional Chairman?

"I think that the position of Regional Chairman should be entirely about support and guidance, never about a ‘top down’ dictatorship or a just a stepping stone to the next title. That’s why my manifesto is about supporting and guiding people but also offering real communication and transparency so members can have proper visibility of what their Chairman is doing for them."

Ross, what's you fav' fizzy pop beverage?

"I’m gonna go with a classic. Good old Coke. Forget that Dr Pepper nonsense!"

What's your flagship manifesto policy?

"I call it ‘The Digital Hub’, an online resource centre for every member across the South East. Each member will be able to log in and access a wide range of supporting tools such as guides, templates, logos and other useful content as well as having access to a series of forums. This would be for the region as a whole and for every area, regardless of whether you are looking to form a branch, grow a new branch or even improve an established one. The wheels are in motion at this very moment and if I’m elected we will be well on the way to improving transparency, communication and offering real help and support."

Are you a lefty or a righty – in Tory terms of course?

"Mostly a righty but I don’t think I fit in either box perfectly to be honest. Some of my views could be labelled as ‘left’. For example I’m pro gay marriage, very pro choice, a secularist and firmly against ALL animal cruelty. But I’m on the right in terms of welfare, immigration, Europe, crime and to the right of most republicans when it comes to free markets and economics."

Do you believe in God, Mr Butcher?

"Which one?

Ooofff controversial, like it.

"Thor? Allah? Vishnu?"

"No, not at all.

"I actually went to a CofE school and it was then that I realised that I am an Atheist. I don’t think believing in a god does much harm; it’s simply not for me. It’s when belief starts infringing on people’s rights that bothers me. I would like to see a much greater separation of Church and state."

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