EXCLUSIVE: Being Pro-Palestine & Right.

Gareth Shanks is a writer and an active member of UKIP hoping to become its next Youth Wing Yorkshire Chairman. Shanks is also leader of the Friends of Palestine in UKIP and has recently come under fire by members of his own Party about opinions on the ever-so long running Middle East conflict.

Gareth Shanks today writes for tbg about being Pro-Palestinian and Right-wing.

"I have recently taken over as Chairman of Friends of Palestine in UKIP and, in the fortnight, I’ve perhaps been slightly controversial once or twice. The Friends of Israel in UKIP are a tiny bit rattled by the sudden appearance of an active Palestine group and it has led to the odd humorous comment:"

"Ever wondered why it’s somewhat rare to see right wingers that are pro-Palestine? So have I. The Right in this country seems to be solidly on the side of Israel. There isn’t a set answer as to why really, the right to defend it’s self and the right to determination are commons answers to this (They also conveniently ignore Palestine’s right to defence and determination).

"Regardless of what we think of the problems in the Middle East, some people from the Israel camp (And people from the Palestine camp, of course) could start acting a little bit more grown up."

"I despise Tony Blair, but he is right on one count; 'This isn’t a left right issue, it’s an issue of right and wrong.'

"I’m not here to argue the case. I’ve already done that, but the point is that the Right must learn to accept that there are pro-Palestine people who are members of the Conservative Party and UKIP (and Christ knows you Tories need every bloke you can get your hands on).

"Some need to learn not to throw accusations of 'anti-Semite' and 'terrorist sympathiser' to lock down debate quicker than Diane Abbott devours a cake buffet.

"Not that I’m annoyed. I’m just perplexed at how we’ve arrived at this point."