All Hands on Deck! Vote Sarah-Jane Sewell CF National Deputy Chairman.

EXCLUSIVE Manifesto material revealed

tbg is renowned for its remarkably meticulous & accurate CF endorsement process and is today getting behind Sarah-Jane Sewell for an unprecedented second term as National Conservative Future (CF) Deputy Chairman (Membership).

In the highly competitive bitch-fest that is the CF National Deputy Chairman (Membership) race, competent rural Lincolnshire gal Sarah-Jane has clearly shown her dignity, capability and desire.

Sarah-Jane will give the Tory Youth Wing a sturdy hand on deck and steer it through the very choppy waters forecast ahead for the Conservative Party.

Sarah's achievements over past year include:
  • National Deputy Chairman Membership (CF) 
  • National Social Action Co-ordinator (CF)
  • East Midlands Vice-Chairman Social Action (CF) 
  • South Holland and the Deepings Branch Chairman (CF) 
  • Royal Holloway University of London Association Chairman (CF)
  • South Holland and the Deepings Conservative Association Management Team (Vice-Chairman) 

As well as new performance related social media and social action awards set to be delivered this month, Sarah personally reformed the Royal Holloway University CF Branch, growing it very quickly and mobilised troops for the PCC election with focused passionate energy.

Sarah successfully pulled of event after event in 2012 but has also had much success outside of politics during her term as the one and only National CF Deputy Chairman. Sewell successfully gained excellent A-Level results, campaigned for charity, sub-edited a student newspaper and as well as attending full-time University education, she also has a job.

tbg can exclusively reveal several of Sarah-Jane's polices for the coming term:
  • "Conservative Students Council" - The council would consist of one member from each university/college Focus on student issues.
  • Reform of the election process - Develop log-in process on the website. Members would receive a username and password that could be used with the CF activist centre (when it launches). Also, promote all candidates on the CF website as well as one formally arranged hustings in each region.
  • Relaunch of CFTV which would incorporate a newly launched CF Radio.
  • Create a truly national CF magazine that will go out bi-monthly online with articles from members and opportunities for cartoonists as well as a comments/letters section. 

Sarah-Jane Sewell's dedication, passion and competence is clearly a huge asset to Conservative Future and the Tory Party as a whole. Sarah-Jane receives unquestionable backing from tbg to continue her fantastic work, keeping the CF Tanker afloat and on course, especially at those times when no-one else will.