A referendum before 2015 and a vote to exit the EU.

I think the fact that now 'business leaders' are piling pressure for an early EU vote as well as MEP's rejecting David Cameron's recent budget freeze really raises the stakes yet again.

We all know that asking MEPs to vote themselves a pay freeze was like asking turkeys if they want Christmas.

If anything, pay for MEPs should be decided independently anyway.

Yet the fact that only last week Mr Cameron was waging a war on 'red tape that ties British firms in knots' clearly underlines that the only way out of this mess, as things stand, is a referendum before 2015 and a vote to exit the EU once and for all.

At the height of similar red tape lunacy in 2005 I felt so aggrieved that I tied my MP's office all around in red tape.

Might I suggest that somebody does the same to the EU President?"