EXCLUSIVE: Bloodbath at KCL Tories' Election as Candidate Labelled 'Pompous' & 'Horrible'.

[From left] Cameron 'Bulldog' Brown, Ben Judge and Yazdan Chowdhury

Kings College London (KCL) Conservatives have elected a new President after a gut-churning ferocious bloody election hustings this past week.

Tory Candidate Yazdan Chowdhury lost the election, according to sources, on the back of a "severe attack" by rival candidate Cameron Brown who then pulled out of the race and asked members to vote for the third candidate, Ben Judge.

Sources say Cameron Brown was not going to run at one point, as the former KCL President accused him of foul play. tbg understands Brown managed to stand after "proving his innocence", however instead of using his speech to layout his manifesto Brown launched a scathing attack on Yazdan Chowdhury.

Sources also reveal Brown sensationally labelled Mr Chowdhury "pompous" and a "horrible human-being", the lethal speech was apparently met with dropped jaws and gasps from KCL Tory members. KCL Sources told tbg the former President had to cut Brown off half way through his speech and "bundle" him off stage.

Chowdhury was then subject to open attack by, sources say, "a very drunk" Vice President who remarkably lambasted Chowdhury for being a "right wing bully", despite "Chowdhury looking as if he was the one being bullied."

Yazdan Chowdhury went on to lose the election to Ben Judge 21-13 after Cameron Brown's withdrawal.

Sources told tbg that - "Members of the society were not only shocked by what had gone on but also that the inexperienced Ben Judge was chosen."

One KCL Tory member said - "Another toff in charge. Ben seems to be the only one who has benefited from all this. Only time will show his inexperience."

Another said - "Who is Ben Judge? KCL Conservatives will now wander back to obscurity. This begs the question, did Ben Judge manipulate them all? Or did the nobody land on his feet by accident?"

tbg understands that Cameron Brown and Yazdan Chowdhury have now "Hugged and made-up".

EXCLUSIVE: Ding-Dong Tory party-girl Jasmine Rahman to get Married?

tbg can exclusively reveal that losing candidate for Tory Youth Wing Deputy Chairman (Membership) and subject to much rumour, speculation and peer admiration during the CF election, Jasmine Rahman, is to sensationally marry her perfect Tory boy.

Sources alerted tbg to the news and Tory Party party-girl Rahman indeed confirmed that the rumour is true.

The wedding is expected to take place at a traditional English venue with posh orderves on offer upon entry.

Jasmine kindly invited tbg along, but thought he'd sit this one out. One Tory activist said - "Friends can't wait for the nuptials."

Tory Bear Labels Barack Obama a 'Coward'.


Top Right-wing Guido Fawkes blogger Tory Bear popped up-on television sets last night, on the not so top BBC Free Speech.

Tory Bear stuck up for principles of self determination regards the Falklands and sensationally labeled Obama a hypocrite and a coward for his stance on the issue.

Tory MP Slams Press Regulation Royal Charter as 'Stitch-Up to Protect Rich and Powerful'.

She was seen by many as a 'Cameron Babe' but today tbg can reveal the Totnes MP Dr Sarah Wollaston is anything but.

Sarah has this morning sensationally launched into the press regulation debate and told tbg that - "I hope the press refuse to co-operate. The Royal Charter is a stitch-up engineered to protect the rich and powerful."

"I think its a worrying thing and hope the papers just turn around and say 'no thanks'. The Royal Charter is a stitch-up engineered to protect the rich and powerful.

"I think it is very worrying and hope the press turn around and say 'no thank you'."
- the Tory MP added.

David Miliband Leaves Labour to its Lefty Vices.

"I am of the opinion that the reason why David Miliband is leaving British Politics is because of Labour's dangerous left wing leanings.

"Let us not forget that even though his brother, Red Ed, won the Labour Leadership, it was only thanks to his pals in the union movement.

"David won the support of 90% of constituency Labour Party's yet still lost.

"Since his election, as was the case with his former boss Gordon Brown, the vast majority of Labour funding has come from the trades union barons.

"So if Labour were to, heaven forbid it, win the next election, whatever the economic circumstances, they would want payback time.

"Clearly, as a Blairite, I believe that David can see that danger and therefore has simply jumped on a ship to the other side of the pond before the ship that both of the Red Ed's are steering in deep and choppy waters hits the iceberg and sinks without trace."

EXCLUSIVE: Accusations of Class Discrimination Among Tory Activists.

A Tory Youth Deputy Area & Branch Chairman today sensationally stands accused of making 'classist remarks' whilst on the campaign trail during the Eastleigh by-election, tbg can reveal.

tbg was contacted by a deeply concerned Tory member about alleged discriminatory comments made and stated - "Our Party has been skirmished by the views of people like this in the past but it is important that (name) is not allowed to continue to discriminate in this manner."

Further investigation led to tbg locating one (of up-to four) eye witness to the alleged account of 'class discrimination' who is a Conservative Future branch chairman in Sussex.

The Tory Chairman told tbg - "We had spent an afternoon, five days before the Eastleigh by-election, posting leaflets etc. There were two locations we went to - the first was a suburban estate where housing was modest. The second was in the countryside where housing was clearly expensive.

"It was during the leafleting in the countryside that (name) said to me - 'I much prefer this sort of area, I couldn't bear to live near the sort of people we delivered to earlier today' - Not an exact quotation but very much in the realms of what was said."

It was with a sense of regret the Chairman felt he had to reveal such shattering information to Tories after the Party has been trying to weed out such attitudes for nearly a decade.

"I regret to give this information and that I do admire (name) commitment to the Party.

"I do believe that (name) means well, but (name) views on different socio-economic sectors of society are worrying."
- the local Sussex Tory Chairman added.

By-Election Triggered as David Miliband Quits.

Parties are once again gearing up for another by-election, this time in South Shields as Labour MP David Miliband has dramatically announced he will stand down as Member of Parliament.

In 2010 the General Election result was:

Labour 52% (11,109 Majority)
Conservatives 21.6%
Liberal Democrats 14.2

[READ] David Miliband to step down as MP

Lib Dem Chief Whip to Investigate 'Upsetting Sexual Treatment'.

It is being reported that as-well as Portsmouth City Council, the Liberal Democrats are now investigating MP Mike Hancock over allegations of sexual harassment.

Lib Dem Chief Whip Alistair Carmichae is said to be investigating the claims made against Hancock of "upsetting sexual treatment" and will report in a fortight to Nick Clegg.

This could all well result in a by-election in Portsmouth South. tbg revealed earlier today Conservatives in Portsmouth think UKIP might snatch it, as their Association is "a mess".

EXCLUSIVE: Portsmouth Tories say They're 'in a Mess' & UKIP 'Could win it' as Hancock Sleaze Investigation Launched.

As Guido Fawkes reports that a full investigation has been launched by Portsmouth Council into Lib Dem MP Mike Hancock regarding sex-texts complaints by a vulnerable female constituent - tbg can exclusively reveal that Portsmouth Tories are "in a mess", according to sources on the ground.

Unless the Lib Dems kick out their Pompey MP Hancock it may take some time for the investigation to run its course but tbg can reveal Lib Dems are split on a replacement in any by-election. Most Lib Dems apparently want Gerald Vernon Jackson to take over but Darren Sanders, who is the PPC for Portsmouth North, is said to be very ambitious.

Worryingly for the Conservatives is the emergence of UKIP, one local Tory source told tbg - "UKIP are at the ready and could win it."

Another source reveals that - "It would be a nightmare for Conservatives if Hancock was forced out now because we are in such a mess.

"They (Tory Association) are having trouble finding anyone to stand as council candidates, reselected the same candidate who lost in 2010 for 2015.

"In the other seat Penny Mordaunt has done brill but some of the association hate her I don't know why (she is the main reason I haven't already left, some of the people who hate her will jump ship to UKIP).

"It would be worse than Eastleigh if there was a by election, we would be lucky to come third. I know some of the people have been planning for a by election but most of us are in the dark about it."

Lib Dems Ready to Revolt on Clegg Immigration Policy.

Liberal Democrats have launched a petition for a consultation with Nick Clegg on his latest Immigration announcement. Clegg says Lib Dems would like to impose a deposit system for immigrants who come to the UK for a short while. The deposit being repaid on departure from the UK.

Liberal Youth say - "Nick Clegg has recently given a speech on immigration which has concerned Liberal Democrat party members.

"In his speech, Nick Clegg advocated a new policy of security bonds, where immigrants must pay a deposit before being able to enter the country to work. This would then be paid back when they leave on time.

"Liberal Youth are asking Nick Clegg to have an online webinar with members to discuss this proposal and the broader theme of immigration.

[VIEW] Lib Dem Immigration Petition

Boris Caught Busking on London Underground.


After a storming bit of BBC PR for Tory Mayor of London Boris Johnson last night, today the man of the people has been sensationally snapped busking on the London Underground, reportedly singing the Blues.

[PICS] EXCLUSIVE: New Tory Youth leaders out on the town.

Sarah-Jane Sewell - Oliver Cooper - Robert Manning

NME members with Stephen Canning.

Tory Youth N.Ireland Chairman election winner picked out of a hat.

tbg can reveal that the result for Conservative Future (CF) Northern Ireland Chairman was picked out of a hat at Conservative Campaign HQ this evening.

Sources say Eimhear Macfarlane and Stephen Goss had an equal amount of votes. It was then down to a CF'er to pick a winner out of a hat.

Unfortunately for Macfarlane, the innocent CF'er picked Stephen Goss' bit of paper.

Campaign manager Mahyar Tousi is said to be "devastated".

In another poll re-elected Tory Youth Deputy Chair' (Membership) Sarah-Jane Sewell had comment for tbg tonight regards her sensational victory - "Thank you so much to everyone, I cannot thank everyone enough. Can't wait to have a proper nights sleep."

EXCLUSIVE: Oliver Cooper Elected Conservative Future National Chairman.


Oliver Cooper (443 - 1st) has sensationally claimed victory in the Tory Youth Wing's National Chairman elections defeating opponents Paul Holmes (222 - 2nd) and James Deighton (81 - 3rd).

Former Tory Youth Chairman Ben Howlett (right) & Oliver Cooper (left) after results were announced at CCHQ.

Newly Elected Tory Youth National Management Executive

National Chairman - Oliver Cooper
Deputy Political - Robert Manning
Deputy Membership - Sarah-jane Sewell
Best Practice Officer - Ben Corbridge

Oliver Cooper said - "Honoured to be elected Conservative Future's new national chairman. North or south, left or right: I will always put CF members first. I can't thank members enough for putting their trust in me, but I'll spend the next year trying!"

Paul Holmes said - "I congratulate Oliver Cooper on his achievement & thanks to Deighton & Matt Robinson for making this a much healthier campaign. Thank you to all my supporters. I polled more than I ever thought."

Deputy Chairman (Political)

Charlotte Argyle 216
Kris Burnett 47
Stephen Canning 132
Robert Manning 248 (Elected)

Deputy Chairman (Membership)

Jasmine Rahman 181
Sarah-Jane Sewell 243 (Elected)
Ellie Vesey-Thompson 213

Appointed Officer (Best Practice Officer)

John Cope 201
Ben Corbridge 215 (Elected)
Simon Harley 167

Regional Elections:

North West

Jonathan Levy (Elected unopposed)

North East

Callum Crozier (Elected)
Josh Geddes


Christopher Rowell (Elected unopposed)

West Midlands

Hayden Walmsley (Elected unopposed)

East Midlands

Richard Harris (Elected)
Jacob Wilkinson


No nominations

South East

Ross Butcher
James Morton (Elected)


Nabil Najjar (Elected unopposed)

South West

Toby Elliott (Elected unopposed)

Northern Ireland

Stephen Goss (Elected)
Eimhear Macfarlane
Rebecca Sheldon
Simon Warren


Chris Harries (Elected)
Leighton Rowlands

EXCLUSIVE: Former Tory Youth Leader Ben Howlett says Goodbye.

tbg bumped into Former CF Chairman Ben Howlett today on the steps of Costa Coffee for comment on today's Conservative Future election results, due this afternoon.

Ben told tbg - "I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has made the last three years as National Chairman of Conservative Future possible. It has been an absolute pleasure to have served the Conservative Party and Conservative Future as the first National CF Chairman elected under a Conservative Government.

"I am very proud of what we have achieved over the years. When I first started we had around 170 branches and now we have 11 Regions with more than 320 branches (with 50 pending/unofficial) all incredibly active supporting campaigns, events, social action and feeding in their ideas to the policy making process.

"As the Party Chairman wrote to me and said the other day, Conservative Future is no longer the 'black sheep of the family', our reputation among the senior party, as seen with a number of receptions with Senior Cabinet Ministers and the Prime Minister, has never been stronger.

"Each and every member can now proudly say they are a member of Conservative Future, an internationally respected organisation which is one of the fastest growing political youth wings in Western Europe.

"Whoever learns today that they will be taking over from me as National Chairman, they have a fantastic organisation to build more branches and ensure that we win an overall majority in 2015. I look forward to working with them in the future.

Thank you again and I look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail soon."

EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Mike Hancock sex-texts complaint closed hearing agenda.

tbg can exclusively reveal Portsmouth City Council's agenda for a complaints hearing on Tuesday.

Reports suggest the agenda is for Lib Dem MP Mike Hancock and complaints of sex-texting by a vulnerable female constituent.

It has also been reported that Hancock's accuser is too distressed to attend herself so will be represented by her legal team.

tbg broke the news that Tories are expecting a by-election anytime now. Today Guido in The Sun reported that - "UKIP are opening a branch in the city (Portsmouth) and poaching a respected Tory to be their Treasurer."

The prospective UKIP treasurer was a supporter of the Justice and Anti Corruption Party at the PCC elections last year. One local source told tbg - "It seems they have merged into UKIP".

[READ] Guido's Handycock Dossier

EXCLUSIVE: MP Rebecca Harris is New Tory Vice Chairman.

Top Tory MP Rebecca Harris has been appointed Vice Chairman of the Conservative Party with responsibility for Conservative Future (CF). Harris was elected in 2010 in Castle Point constituency and was last night appointed by Tory Party Chairman Grant Shapps.

Outgoing Conservative Future Leader Ben Howlett exclusively told tbg - "I am delighted that Rebecca Harris MP has been appointed by the Party Chairman as Vice Chairman of the Conservative Party for Youth, with responsibility for Conservative Future."

"As someone who grew up in Essex, and following on from our meeting last week, I know Conservative Future is in great hands. Rebecca is a vociferous campaigner and is already looking to encourage CF members to get out into our top 40 target seats and campaign.

"I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Andrew Stephenson MP for all his help and support over the last 3 years. He has been an absolute star, on behalf of the National CF Executive we thank him."

The CF National Executive also nominated MP's Andrew Rosindell and Andrew Stephenson to be appointed as Honorary Vice Presidents of Conservative Future. Howlett told tbg that the NME decision has now been proposed to the Party Board and - "We await approval."

EXCLUSIVE: Rob Comley Elected UKIP Youth Leader.

Rob Comley has defeated opponent Sean Howlett to become the new UKIP Young Independence Chairman at the Party's conference in Exeter.

Sources say the vote results were 68 - 54.

Immediate Twitter reaction to Rob Comely election:

UKIP 'actively' targeting Labour voters.

Peter Mandelson's attack on Ed Balls comes on the same day as UKIP start "actively targeting Labour supporters" at their Spring Conference in Exeter.

UKIP this morning unveiled 'celeb' John Gaunt as their latest new member.

Nigel Farage is set to tell activists later that his party can appeal beyond "disaffected Conservatives" and voice the highest profile opposition yet to proposed press regulation changes.

tbg smells fuel and rubber - A UKIP car crash on the horizon.

Chris Huhne Moved to Comfy Open Prison.

Disgraced former Lib Dem MP Chris Huhne has spent the last seven days behind bars in HMP Wandsworth, London.

Today tbg can reveal 58-year old Huhne has been moved to HMP Levhill which is in Gloucestershire and a 'Category D' open prison.

The prison is reported to have farms and gardens within the grounds and offers courses and employment opportunities such as making door and window frames and prison furniture.

The Category D jail is described on the Ministry of Justice website as "A pleasant mansion house overlooking the Weald of Kent".

How bloody marvelous.

Labour at War: Mandy Wants Meaty Balls.

Red Ed and his team are meeting in Birmingham today but things haven't gone as planned so far.

tbg can this morning confirm that Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls has again come under fire, this time it's from Lord Mandelson.

The former Business Secretary says that Balls' attacks on George Osborne are now becoming all too "predictable" and "tiring to the public".

He goes on to say that Balls' arguments about the depth and speed of cuts are "out of date".

He says Balls and Labour need to focus on how to rebuild the economy, maximising appeal, and extending prosperity and social justice.

Mr Balls has refused to comment.

Boris to take over Louth & Horncastle then the world?

tbg can reveal this morning that Father of The House and Louth and Horncastle MP Sir Peter Tapsell may be paving the way to a spectacular return to The House of Commons for London Mayor Boris Johnson.

At his recent Association AGM at Trinity Church Centre in Louth Sir Peter said that he intended to stay on as MP after the next election and that he was in "fit health".

However, its also been reported that at the recent Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations at Westminster Hall he joked with David Cameron that he was "keeping his seat warm for Boris Johnson."

Sir Peter has also been quoted as saying that Boris would make a "fine Leader of the Opposition."

The Louth and Horncastle MP won by almost 14,000 votes in 2010.

Follow up: Boris Plot Deepens as he Aligns With Louth MP Against Arming Syrian Rebels & Says He'd "Like to be Like" Francois Hollande.

EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Email Reveals Dramatic Overhaul of Conservative Future.

Maggies minutes reveal opinion on Tory Youth Wing before emails in 1982. [Guido]

On the eve of one of the most hotly contested elections in recent years tbg has been leaked a sensational email that will send shockwaves up and down the British Isles while potentially changing the course of history.

The communication attempts to persuade one Tory Youth Wing leadership campaign to match, if not go further, with a dramatic overhaul of the current Conservative Future (CF) national structure. Exactly why this was sent is not understood.

A CF source told tbg that the communication was sent by a junior member of the Cooper camp to various candidates standing in the election, asking them to pledge to abolish the current CF structure.

At present CF has a national executive [made-up of seven elected and appointed positions] and a strategy team that specifically caters for different segments of the youth wing.

The email states: "Do this if you’re elected. Abolish CF Women. Abolish the CF Strategy Team. Abolish CF Policy Forum [all three lay under the strategy team]. Abolish CF Fundraiser Officer and PR Officer [on the national executive].

"Their reasons for this? [These are] just a bunch of meaningless job titles that make the people who hold them think they wield power."

The news is sure to rock the Tory Youth Wing's foundations and those whose jobs seem under threat, namely Clare Hilley, Rory White-Andrews, Ben Corbridge and Adam Honeysett-Watts.

Last year tbg reported that Paul Holmes would, if elected, abolish the regional chairmen structure. Back then he strongly denied this and indeed today tbg stands corrected.

Since then a former leadership candidate has apparently quietly confessed that this was a deliberate campaign to knock him out of the race.

Facing up to the challenge, Paul has received the support of two recently elected regional Chairs including Jonathan Levy in the North West and Toby Elliott in the South West, as well as hopefuls Callum Crozier and Ross Butcher.

Another Tory member told tbg - "Why would anyone even think, let alone hint, at changing what is widely perceived by CF members as a winning team structure?"

Ken Clarke: We should blow up a few ships.

It was arguably her best triumph as Prime Minister but today tbg can expose the wets who were against the liberation of the Falkland Islands.

Confidential papers released today and seen by tbg show that at the time:

Chesham and Amersham MP Ian Gilmour said - "We are making a big mistake."

Gainsborough MP Marcus Kimball advised - "Let the Argies have the islands with a little fuss as possible."

And Ken Clarke is quoted as saying - "We should blow up a few ships but nothing more."


EXCLUSIVE: Rob Comley rallies UKIP Youth troops ahead of crucial ballot.

Rob Comley is running to become the next Young Independence (YI) Chairman, the youth wing of UKIP.

Rob has been caretaker Chairman since Olly Nevile was sacked for his support over the gay marriage bill. On the last full day of campaigning in the YI elections today, Rob Comley writes for tbg.

"As we enter the last full day of elections, myself and Sean, as well as all the other worthy candidates, will be grovelling for those last few votes that are still left to be fought for. I wanted to write to you all, not to gain those votes, but to say thank you.

"When I became events officer in November, the thought of becoming your YI chair had never crossed my mind. When I was offered the role of vice in January which led to me stepping up into the caretaker role, it was a real honour, although as you can imagine it was at a time where YI was being ripped apart from the top down with resignations from the North and the South. It was indeed a very difficult time for members who had been involved with the party for a long period and now felt disillusioned.

"Something had to be done to pull them together to make YI strong again. YI needed to be reformed.

"I straight away organised a meeting with the Party Chairman, Steve Crowther and executive director, Will Gilpin to try and get Young Independence the best deal. It was a very successful meeting and we came away believing that the future was bright for YI.

"There are always going to be fall-outs at election time - to be the chairman of our much loved youth wing may not seem like a huge deal to the outside world, but to us it is. Like in January, we will have to pull everyone back together, to unify everybody regardless of who they are. There is always going to be a side who is jubilant and a side who is disappointed at defeat and we will see this when we hear the results over the weekend, but I truthfully hope regardless of the result that we all work together as a team to achieve the greater goal.

"All in all, trying not to sound too much like an ex left wing Prime Minister, I have done what I believed was right for YI and will continue to do so regardless of if I am chairman or not. I wish to thank everyone who has been involved in the last couple of months; especially those who have been working hard alongside myself to rebuild and to make us stronger. I hope to see you all in Exeter!"

UKIP Youth Leader Candidate trends on Twitter.

Young Independence, the youth wing of UKIP, is gripped in election fever this week. Sean Howlett is running to become their next leader.

Sean Howlett has been subject to alot of attacks and praise alike. Tonight Howlett took part in a twitter debate with his opponent Rob Comley and when after about an hour in, he received so much attention, his first name began to trend on the social networking site, in the UK .

YBF accused of dirty tricks campaign in City of London.

A Tory Councillor has sensationally accused the Young Britons' Foundation (YBF) of a "dirty tricks" campaign in the City of London Local Authority elections.

The group of candidates, headed by former Tory Youth Leader Mark Clarke, has been dramatically accused of sending out a flyer out which alerted voters to the high expense accounts incurred by the incumbents - whilst highlighting a possible conflict of interest affecting a Westminster Tory Councillor.

Seems like sound campaigning to tbg.

Mark Clarke told the Evening Standard - "There's no kind of secret Conservative conspiracy". And seemed unapologetic for wishing to remove "dead wood".

"Unless new people come in and stand openly for office, this place is going to become a geriatric ward" - Mark added.

The Local Authority is currently dominated by Independents and also faces a challenge by a Labour Party slate of ten candidates.

BBC Weather hacked.

Former UKIP Youth Treasurer Allrik Birch Calls on YI Members to Quit Party.

Earlier today on tbg former UKIP Youth Leader Olly Neville concluded UKIP had a bright future if Young Independence (YI) were able to succeed with all of its bright minds.

Allrik Birch tells tbg that he believes a section needs to leave for YI to survive, or the UKIP National Executive Council may have no choice but to disband the youth wing.

Allrik Birch is a recent graduate, libertarian and former treasurer of Young Independence. Allrik resigned shortly after Olly Neville was removed from his position as UKIP Youth Leader and has now joined the Conservatives.

"The ongoing and brutal Young Independence election campaign is almost a case study in group dynamics gone awry. People from all sides are highly antagonistic, with personal grudges, conspiracies both real and imagined, attack ads and even legal threats going around. Can YI recover?

"Unlike Olly, I don't think YI can just move on after this. Either one group of people leave the party, or infighting will continue to subvert the group, making it largely ineffective.

"Like with certain members attending events in Westminster think tanks, the presence of certain people on campaign days will ensure that others don't go. Young Independence will become detached and dysfunctional, with snide remarks being made on Twitter and elsewhere.

"Once you go to the level of threatening to sue people, it becomes almost impossible for those involved to work together in any form. A legal threat is a fairly serious measure, which should only be considered in extreme cases. What naturally results from the threat is a personal grudge.

"Part of the problem is that Young Independence is very small, whilst it nominally has around 700-800 members (with no unified members information, the number could easily be much higher or lower, basically 700 is a best guess), there are less than 100 people that are really active. When it comes to those who might attend party conference or other national campaigns, the figure is more like 40.

"For anyone who disputes these numbers, they should simply look at how many positions in these elections were uncontested. Everyone at least knows of everyone else, and because this is a national party, people hear far more about people than they actually know. Often people hear stories before they meet the people in question.

"Within such groups, grudges and cliques are very quick to form and easily become entrenched. It can soon them become acceptable within some cliques to start attacking individuals, going to the extent of digging up old stories and attacking people for highly personal things.

"Small groups are reinforcing hatred of each other. This trend has increased over the latest election period, but it had already been simmering for a long time. This set of elections is brutal, the last one was nasty – but largely the same people are around and on the same sides. Even before the last elections, these simmering hatreds existed and have been getting worse.

"Unless a significant group leaves the party entirely, or Young Independence is itself scrapped by the main party, these strains will continue to get worse and eventually impact on national polling of UKIP. This is not even an ideological battle, the two people running for Chairman have many similar policies and indeed, surprisingly, Sean is the more libertarian of the two candidates.

"This is a personal battle, the sides are largely made up of people through chance of meeting one person first. Exclusion of individual members might get rid of the worst elements of the dispute, but it is now already too late for the infighting to be curtailed entirely."

George Osborne's Budget is Just What the Doctor Ordered.

George Osborne's latest Budget is in my opinion just what the doctor ordered.

It is a Budget for the low paid who will see another rise in the amount people can earn before they pay tax at all.

It is a budget for business that encourages more private sector employment with 600,000 more jobs expected this year than the same time last year.

It is a budget for the construction industry and first-time buyers with guaranteed mortgages and deposits.

It is a Budget for people who save and get on with their lives and it is a Budget for pensioners with a new flat rate of £144 brought forward by another year.

Yet instead of offering a credible alternative and some new policies all Ed Miliband can do is make party political jibes about rail journeys and the FA Cup Final.

Well all I can say is keep up the good work George because if Ed Miliband wants a fight he has got one and in my opinion when it comes down to that fight not only will Red Ed be knocked out but so will his party at the next General Election.

EXCLUSIVE: Former UKIP Youth Leader Says Infighting and Bitterness Plagues Party.

Olly Neville is a writer for BackBencher and is former UKIP Youth Leader. Neville was unceremoniously dumped by UKIP for his vocal support of gay marriage.

Olly Neville today writes for tbg and says bitterness and infighting plagues the senior wing of UKIP and now says its youth wing, Young Independence (YI), faces a 'stark' choice between 'divisiveness' or 'unity' in its elections this week.

Last week the YI election found itself embroiled in vicious attack ads and leaks, the UKIP insider reveals to tbg that members of UKIP Youth have now been subjected to 'legal threats'.

The former UKIP Youth Leader also tells tbg that the future for YI and UKIP is bright claiming - 'Those that plot and scheme have been exposed'.

"As hard as it might be to believe I have an awful lot of love and respect for YI. Young kippers are light-years ahead of, and apart from, the ‘angry social conservatives’ that tend to inhabit the main party, the branches, and the darker areas of the online party forum (basically all of it).

"Nor are YI the principle sellers who inhabit the leadership - Whose only goal is a sniff of power or a bit of cash and are willing to sell out and change or campaign on mostly anything as long as it gets them headlines and poll points.

"Young Independence is different. Perhaps it’s by virtue of them being young, but UKIP’s claims of principles and free speech are practiced by their youth wing.

"While YI is certainly within UK political parties the strongest voice for liberty and freedom (expect perhaps some CF-ers such as Oliver Cooper who YI must be praying doesn’t win the CF elections) it is not made up of just libertarians.

"The infighting and bitterness that plagues the main party between liberals and social conservatives, authoritarians and libertarians, Faragistas, Anyone-But-Nigel-ites, brown-nosers etc etc has not plagued YI. Well it hadn’t plagued YI. Until now.

"It is no surprise that YI has been thrown into turmoil at the same time as the candidate that Harry Aldridge, YI’s most successful ever Chairman, describes as the most antagonistic and divisive force in YI has thrown his lot in to become the next Chairman.

"As UKIP got more popular they were always going to find that careerists and brown-nosers began to out power the idealists and those that joined from principle. Such a struggle is always brutal. People always fight the hardest when their fighting for love or for money.

"This election been the most brutal contest I have ever seen, with vicious attack ads and breathtaking leaks. Several YI members have complained that they have had legal threats against them, in one case for repeating the very words one candidate is on record having said!

"But YI can bounce back, it is at a crossroads and if its future is in the hands of its members. The choice between divisiveness vs unity, cloak & daggers vs honesty and career vs love has never been starker.

"YI is much more in tune with the 21st century than UKIP main. It understands the power of Facebook and twitter, where YI do at least as good a job as the main party despite not having any paid social media-ers. YI-ers in general have a positive vision for Britain, rather than the negative, backward looking one much of the main party has.

"The future for YI and consequently UKIP is bright, those that plot and scheme have been exposed, especially in this election, whilst those who are committed and honest will not be brought down by the cruel attacks of their opponents.

"To bastardise a line from the CF elections - Winter is most certainly coming for Young Independence. Whether they weather the storm or not is in their hands."

EXCLUSIVE: Tory Activist Tara Hewitt and her Transition.

        Tara has gone from a Red, to a Blue

Tara Hewitt was involved in community work and campaigning whilst at university and went on to join the Labour Party and become a representative on the National Union of Students National LGBT and Disabled Students Committee’s. Tara was also national Labour Students’ LGBT Officer and Vice Chair of the Liverpool Wavertree Constituency Labour Party.

Tara was involved in organising the selection campaign for the now Labour MP Luciana Berger and was part of the Labour Party’s North West regional campaign team during the general election in 2010. I also became .

Following her disillusionment with the Labour Party during the move away from Blairism and after experiencing transphobia and abuse off some members she left the Labour Party.

Tara told tbg that specifically through personal engagement with Louise Mensch the social conservative agenda within the Conservative Party had changed and was changing all the time, she says the Tory Party was welcoming of people from all backgrounds that embraced the same direction of economic policy and values of aspiration, work and growth.

Tara has become very active since joining the Conservatives and has attended a variety of events such as Liberty League, Party receptions with government Ministers and MPs, by elections in Bradford, Corby and Eastleigh and the important Mayoral election Campaign in Liverpool.

Tara now works with her new association Wallasey based in the Wirral where she has been selected to be on the approved candidate list for local government elections in 2014 and has recently been elected Deputy Chairman Membership of Wirral Conservative future.

What was for breakfast?

"Coffee before I leave for work and when I get into the office or a meeting, never anytime for breakfast usually."

You had a bit of a spat with Liverpool CF recently, have you all made up yet?

"The chairman and I had a very public disagreement; however I am fully committed to working with Liverpool CF and their new executive after their up and coming AGM.

"As Deputy Chairman of Wirral Conservative Future I feel it is important CF branches have strong regional partnerships and we have already proposed ideas for some joint social events and campaign work with both Liverpool CF and Cheshire CFs going forward. Personal views and debates can always get heated but what is important is remembering we are all in the same broad church of a party and that only together will we help win a conservative majority in 2015."

What sort of a CF would you like to see?

"A successful and growing CF, that contributes to the wider diversity and political direction of the party. A CF that plays an active role in supporting associations in events, media and campaigning activity across the UK and helps develop the next generation of community leaders from within the Conservative Party."

What have been your biggest life challenges?

"Having being forced to leave sixth form and get employment to support myself following the breakdown of my family home. I was able to get an apprenticeship in a solicitors practice and whilst working full-time supporting my long term partner (of that time) in our rented home.

"I also arranged and self-taught myself four A levels over 8 months so that was able to apply and go on to study Law at university – I attended the University of Liverpool. This helped show me the importance of hard work and how no matter how unobtainable a goal may seem you can achieve anything if you put your mind to it and is one of my proudest achievements.

"I could have used examples of overcoming my disabilities or being Transgender transitioning at university etc. However I feel it’s what you do in life that matters not necessarily who you are."

Fav’ Fizzy pop beverage?

"Cherry Coke :)."

What does the future hold for Tara Hewitt in the Conservatives?

“Don’t ask what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country...“

"Don’t ask what the party can do for me but what I can give back to the party is probably my answer.

"I believe in a country built on aspiration, valuing diversity and empowering people to achieve whilst promoting community responsibility. I know it is a Conservative Party that supports these values and I look forward to helping the party achieve it whether it is in government or in my local community where I live.

"I would personally like to be involved in politics to help deliver those changes either as a local Councillor or an MP when I feel I have the experience and the skills to be able to best support the Party and give my community the representation they deserve within their council or parliament."

What other Community Work are you involved in?

"I have recently become Vice Chair of the Board of Governors at Mosslands School a local all-boys secondary school. I am really enjoying getting to grips with working with the school staff and parents to help with the schools transition towards becoming an academy, helping to develop the school’s curriculum and educational support teams to ensure every pupil is able to achieve their full potential. 

"The work is really rewarding and can’t recommend becoming a school governor enough to anyone interested in supporting their local community.

"I am also a Director and Trustee of a Large D/deaf Charity in Cheshire delivering residential care, support and information to D/deaf, Deaf blind and those with learning disabilities in the Cheshire area across two large local authorities. 

"Having a significant hearing loss myself it’s been great to give something back to an organisation that like many in the third sector plays an important role in the lives of many people, ensuring the most vulnerable people in our society get the support they need and are helped in getting their voices heard."

UKIP'ers in Legal Threats & Demands to Bloggers.

tbg can reveal top blog Kebab Time says it has been "threatened" and sensationally subjected to demands by UKIP officials.

The well known news-site has published emails it had acquired which Kebab Time says show - "UKIP are no different to other political parties, they are only interested in furthering their own careers not pursing a distinct (let alone libertarian) philosophy".

UKIP representatives argue that the emails have been obtained illegally.

Editor of Kebab Times told tbg - "Kebabtime will not be intimidated or bow to threats of legal action, Kebabtime believes that sunlight should be shone on all the dark corners of current politics".

Earlier today UKIP Youth blog Flash of Purple, which was run by a teenager, said it'd had enough of all the "legal threats" after failing to remove what UKIP deemed illegally obtained material and - "Will be ceasing any more activity from now on [sic]."

Harley wants to make sure CF ballot chaos 'never occurs again'.

tbg caught up with Simon Harley today and asked his his opinion on the Conservative Future election which he is in the midst running for Best Practice Officer.

What are your opinions on the ballot chaos and have most members received ballots yet that you know of?

"I think the difficulties we have had with the ballot are extremely unfortunate. I know a number of people who still haven't received their ballots, but this will hopefully be rectified during the coming week. We owe it to out members to make damned sure that the confusion which has arisen over the electoral process and membership validity never occurs again."

Are you ready to win? What will be your first task?

"I have a clear set of goals outlined in my manifesto. If I'm elected it will be because of the wide-ranging, sound proposals I have pledged to put into effect. Therefore my first act will be to go to the new National Executive and Party Board and obtain their formal approval so I can get to work. I don't intend to waste any time."

Harley released a new campaign poster over the weekend and one CF'er commented to tbg - "This shows the depth of dissatisfaction with the election".

EXCLUSIVE: Tory Youth Election Embroiled in Misogyny, Harassment and Threats.

tbg can reveal Conservative Future (CF) have been drawn into public claims of menacing emails and late-night threatening phone calls.

Yesterday tbg received emails smearing Oliver Cooper and a female colleague. Today, Tory blog #ThingsEJsays published the vicious nonsensical threatening emails.

The latest email made public to tbg threatens a female friend of Oliver Cooper and tells her - "We don't want 'kippers [sic] and we don't want libertarians. You aren't Tories and you aren't welcome" - then goes on to tell the female to stop helping Coopers' campaign or her private life will be all over the internet.

tbg can exclusively reveal it has been aware that members of Conservative Future have been receiving malicious & threatening phone calls since all candidates were announced at the start of the year.

Tory Youth National Deputy Chairman Sarah-Jane Sewell said - "As someone who has also been receiving the annoying and irritating anonymous phone calls in the early hours of the morning - this MUST stop!

"Also, the misogyny needs to STOP! I am sick of unsolicited sexually harassing comments. Females are not objects to pass around, we are human beings - seriously get some humanity and humility!"

National Conservative Future Chairman Candidate Oliver Cooper said - "The misogynistic attitude shared by these cowards - whether they hide behind blocked numbers, hushmail emails, or anonymous blog comments - is hardly conducive to attracting more women to CF. And god knows we need more."

Super Tory and Parliamentary researcher Mahyar Tousi exclusively told tbg -

"Fortunately these people are still amateurs, and don't realise that their actions are pointless and childish, and that they will eventually shoot themselves in the foot and destroy their career, as we've seen in the past and recently in these elections.

"I've never been concerned about the personal attacks on me, but I cannot keep quiet when they go after my friends, especially when their only crime is having different political views. These attacks must stop before CF loses its reputation and becomes like Young Independence (UKIP Youth)."

CF Wales Chairman candidate Christopher Harries said - "I felt I could help develop a region and contribute to the Party. I have been on the receiving end of anonymous phone calls and messages and frankly I have had enough."

CF'er labelled 'Sick C*nt' by UKIP Youth Member.

It has been reported that a member of Conservative Future made an official complaint to UKIP officials after he says a member of Young Independence, the youth wing of UKIP, called him a "Sick fucking cunt" at a Freedom Association event.

CF'er Mr Boulton today went public about the incident and the prominent UKIP Youth member on the fearless UKIP news site Flash of Purple:

"I'm not sure how this was dealt with, if at all, (UKIP member) does not seem to have been reprimanded for this or any other actions that might fall under what (Former UKIP Youth Chairman) calls his 'usual behaviour'.

"While as a Conservative it would be in my partisan interest to see (UKIP member) win and proceed to alienate any YI-ers who don't share his toxic views back to the Tories, I would be upset to see an organisation a number of my friends, including both (Former YI Chairmen), have worked so hard for be taken over by such an individual."

Tory Youth Leader hopeful says press role is to hold rich & powerful to account.

With just 7 days until results are announced in the Conservative Future (CF) elections tbg can exclusively reveal that candidate for CF National Leader Oliver Cooper plans to immediately roll out resources for Tory branches where there are county council elections in May and get CF'ers involved nationwide.

Oliver told tbg that upon election he will - "Work with CF where there aren't elections in May to ensure that CF's resources are used most effectively to hold on to our county councils."

The country faces a pivotal moment on press freedom today, Oliver Cooper is steadfast in his view that - "The press' role is to hold to account the rich and powerful: whether Hugh Grant and politicians."

"Giving them control over the press is a threat to the very basis of democracy. I would like MPs to reject all mechanisms of state control." - Cooper added.

EXCLUSIVE: UKIP Youth in Election Meltdown.

Latest UKIP Youth election material

tbg has just received probably the worst email in its history.

The email was an attempt to smear a UKIP Youth candidate in the most distasteful of ways and has deeply shocked the editorial team - tbg does not refer to the poster above - the received smear would never see the light of day on this website.

After seeing this email tbg has taken an unprecedented decision and refuse the publication of any further election 'attack ads' from anonymous 'UKIP' sources and/or publish potentially illegally obtained material in YI, during this election campaign.

Fresh Speculation Mike Hancock set to Stand Down.

There's fresh speculation that Lib Dem Mike Hancock is to resign as MP for Portsmouth South.

Last week the polling company Survation apparently conducted a poll asking how people would vote if this were the case.

tbg sources understand the question reads - "It is possible the current MP Mike Hancock may have to stand down for health reasons. If this were so, how likely would it be that you would vote in a by-election?"

One local source told tbg - "I would not be surprised if this was a Lib Dem private poll, although there is no way of being certain."

Its also unclear as to whether Hancock would also stand down as Portsmouth City Council's representative for Fratton Ward. This is a role he shares with David Fuller.

As reported on tbg Mr Fuller is himself at the centre of a row with Fareham Borough Council. Ironically, the Portsmouth City Council representatives for Fratton Ward do not live in either the ward or the city.

Mike Hancock rubbished rumours last week by Tories in Portsmouth South that he was about to stand down.

UKIP Youth Implodes as Former Leader Slams Candidate as 'Antagonistic & Divisive'.

Former UKIP Youth Leader Harry Aldridge has slammed candidate for the top job as, "Antagonistic" and "Obstructive" force in Young Independence (YI), the UKIP Youth Wing.

Aldridge told UKIP news-site Flash of Purple - "Sean became obstructive on the YI Council, preventing activity and making the council members not want to hold calls or discuss anything, and in the end, given that i was becoming increasingly stressed to to the time pressures of work and my life, I decided that I had better things to do than fight an obstructive force.

"I think Sean is simply antagonistic and divisive, and not collegiate, all of which are prerequisites for YI Chairman. I think Rob has these qualities in spades."

In response a UKIP Youth member told tbg - "Ever get the feeling he doesn't like being yesterday's favourite? At some point he needs to move on. He backed Olly and that helped lead to a mess. He seems to be becoming YIs very own Roger Knappman, almost nearly but if were honest never really."

"This interview has all the marks of a career that has stalled. hanging around long after his time has gone".

Young Independence (YI), the Youth Wing of UKIP, has experienced a bloody day as far as election campaigns go. Two attack ads have rocked the whole of UKIP, the second ad of the day being particularly vicious.

Holmes takes Tory Youth Ballot Complaint to Party Chairman Grant Shapps.

National Tory Youth Wing Leader Candidate Paul Holmes today brought up Conservative Future (CF) ballot chaos with Tory Party Chairman Grant Shapps. Shapps soon promised that the issue would be dealt with urgency on Monday.

The encounter took place at the Conservative Party Spring Forum Conference in London. tbg understands that Holmes was the only National CF Chairman candidate to attend the event.

There were some laughs at the Tory Spring Forum too when one Tory stood up to thank Ben Howlett for his hard work as National CF Chairman. The activist didn't realise Ben was actually in the room too - and so the CF'er went on, until Grant Shapps felt like he had to interject to correct the Tory activist.