UKIP Youth make loss on Christmas party fundraiser.

Attendees included Neil and Christine Hamilton

Young Independence (YI) was decimated this past January during #OllyShambles, but it seems the hash making process began even before Olly Neville was sacked for speaking in support of gay marriage.

UKIP's youth wing, Young Independence held their Christmas party fundraiser on HMS Belfast on December 11th 2012 - with all money donated by members to use towards Party campaigns.

Figures tbg has received from sources state YI made a huge loss of £1.3k on the shindig.

"Spent: £2.5K"
"Return: 1.2K"
"Loss: 1.3K"

Former YI events officer whom stood down by the time the event had to be organised seems to be leveling discord with the new UKIP Youth events officer:

Sources told tbg that UKIP's National Executive Committee candidate and this years candidate for Young Independence Chairman was named as official "YI fundraiser".